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the 8 spider

question about Jonquin Saul's Ship

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from france

it begins like this

"laid down at kormishoshi dokyards in  m38 ..... as Almoner, Exchequer and their sisters lay partially completed on the slips for nearly a year being sold at auction to cover slip fees"

Does it means that other ship like the one of Saul Joquin or that it is the only one available?

I ask this because it look like a very good transport.

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Read on a little further, and you'll find your answer.  The book states that Jonquin Saul has bought most of the ships of that class, but the lead ship, Exchequer, has eluded him.  (And he wants it badly.)  So, there is at least one ship of that type out there somewhere.

As with so many things, the real answer is "it's up to the GM".  Whatever makes the game fun for you is the correct answer.

By the way, I see what you mean about the Exchequer class being a good transport.  The closest other ship I could find is the Carrack, in BFK, and even though the two are similar, the Carrack is clearly the poorer design. 


- V.

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Saul loves his ship so much he went out of his way to buy every other ship like it.  Now that's how you show dedication and love.

He'd probably do terrible things to the people who find the lost ship and refuse to sell it to him so he can complete his set.

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I just made a homebrew version…


Swiftwind Merchant Trader

Designed to be a 'jack of all trades' trader, capable of defending itself against light attack, and more sturdy than a vagabond, faster than a carrack, but not have the extreme speed of the Orion, the Swiftwind is a solid investment for any merchant.  This design dates back to M37, and it is believed that it was the basis of a custom, improved design made in M38 in the Kormishoshi shipyards.  Alas, that improved design never quite made it to market, so the Swiftwind is as good as this ship type gets for most traders.

Type: Transport

Dimensions: 2.5km long, .5 km abeam approx.

Crew: 21,000 crew approx.

Speed: 6 Manoeuvrability: +15 Detection: +10

Armour: 13 Hull Integrity: 38

Turret Rating: 1 Space: 38

Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Keel 1

Cargo Hauler (1)

Cargo Hauler: This vessel was designed for transport, and no amount of retrofitting can fully change this. This hull comes pre-equipped with a Compartmentalized Cargo Hold. The hull's Space has already been reduced to account for this, however when constructed the ship must be able to provide 2 Power to this component.

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