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quick rules question> Claude

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 hey there everyone, 


just had a quick rules question about Claude's ability 'CROSS COUNTER'



it states: +4attack / -2 Defense


question in mind: i understand the +4 attack, BUT does the (-2 Defense) signify a negative to CLAUDE, OR a negative affect when attacking a target model?


thanks for anyones help


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 The -2 Defense applies to Claude's Defense while the Counterattack is resolved.

Normally with a Counterattack, you make a regular Dodge roll. If you aren't hit, you can make a normal Attack at -2 Attack.

With Claude's Special Counterattack, he makes a Dodge roll, but his Defense is reduced by 2. Even if he is hit, he still gets to make an Attack afterwards, at +4 Attack.

One must also note that the usual modifiers for a Basic Ability still apply to Special Abilities. The Attack made as part of a Counterattack gets a -2 Attack penalty. This combines with Cross Counter's +4 Attack modifier, so the Attack part of Claude's Counterattack will actually be at +2.

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