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Darkwing Duck2

not doing this anymore

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demonofturks said:

Sorry Darkwing, I made a mistake.

1 message or so up, i said:

"+1 morbidsanity".

I messed up. I should've put:

"+1 The_Champ_Is_Here"

So, can you fix that please? Thank you!

DISREGARD EVERYTHING I SAID HERE, SORRY! I'VE STRAIGHTENED IT OUT NOW! XD. give morbisanity the +1 and not thechampishere. sorry.

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+1 Darkwing Duck


Sorry I didn't get around to this sooner but I really haven't been on here lately.

...You haven't given me my +1 yet either, but you said the card got there just fine. If you could do that it would be great...

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