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1 vs 1 Competitive Variant [beta]

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 I posted this over at and thought I would show it to those who won't see it over there

The goal is a 1v1 format that is balanced and fun. Here are my ideas so far:

For this 1v1 variant you will need 2 players lengua.gif Each player can bring their own player deck or they can both use the same player deck. Use whatever method you want to choose a scenario and assemble its quest cards and encounter deck.

Sequence of Play

The game flows as a solo game would with the following exceptions or additions:

0. Setup - One player will play their player deck and the other will play the encounter deck. The player deck player(hereafter, Pdp) sets up as they would for a normal solo game. They will always be the first player. After the 1st quest card is set up(specific cards set aside or put into play from the encounter deck), the encounter deck player(hereafter, Edp) draws a hand of 6 cards and may take one and only one mulligan.

1. Resource Phase - At the same time that the Pdp draws cards the Edp draws 1 card

2. Planning Phase - AFTER the Pdp has played their first ally or attachment or chose not to play a card the Edp MAY trade in two cards with matching encounter set icons to the discard pile AND decrease the Pdp's threat by 1 to search the encounter deck for a card with the same encounter set icon. The Edp MAY repeat this action once after each card played by the Pdp. If the Pdp declares that they do not want to play any more cards the Edp MAY repeat the actions as many times as they want. If the Edp chooses not to take this action at any time they may not take it again until the next turn's planning phase.

3. Quest Phase - BEFORE the Pdp commits characters to the quest the Edp MAY decrease the Pdp's threat by X and play X cards from their hand to the top of the encounter deck in any order.

IF the Pdp has quested successfully, they MAY increase their threat by 1, NOT place 1 of their success tokens and randomly discard a card from the Edp's hand

4. Travel Phase - Same as solo game

5. Encounter Phase - Same as solo game

6. Combat Phase - The Edp MAY decrease the Pdp's threat by 1 and play a card from their hand as the shadow card for an enemy engaged with the Pdp. The Edp MAY do this for each enemy. Each engaged enemy gets a shadow card from the encounter deck if the Edp did not give them one. After a shadow card THAT THEY PLAYED is revealed, the Edp must draw 1 card from the encounter deck if it does not have a Shadow Effect Icon.

7. Refresh Phase - Same as solo game

8. Final Scoring - Score the same as a solo game and then add 1 for each card remaining in the Edp's hand


That's it! Switch roles, play again and compare scores.

Please respond with any comments, additional ideas, corrections in terminology, or balance issues.


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