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2 core set ...how make the encounter deck

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Honestly? You probably don't BUT...


I think FFG stated that because you officially need 4 threat trackers for 4 players, hence 2 core sets.

There are loads of ways to simulate a threat tracker though (2 D10 for starters), and the other counters etc, so its a bit of a weak reason really. Sure you can get and use a lot of  the extra character deck cards in the 2nd core set, but if you stick to the 4 default starter decks and can give up all having to have an official threat tracker you can play the game 4 player with one core set, despite what FFG says/reccomends.


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While you're correct that four players can play, with some aides. However, such players would be unable to create 4 custom legal decks.

So we state this is only for 2 players -- and the community suspect us of rigging it towards additional purchases. If we had stated for 4 players -- we'd have been fleeced for not providing 4 "legal" decks for the purported number players. As we wanted to keep the price point below $40, we choose to state for 2 players which is the conservative and more honest number.

We'd rather have players discover that 4 players is somewhat doable (but not with legal decks) in the 2-player advertised version, than having players discover that a 4 player-advertised version indeed cannot be played in the official capacity.

On this issue, we were damned if we did, damned if we didn't. I think we did the right thing.


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@The Spaniard,

Thanks for the response.

I agree, i think you did the right thing too, and on re-reading my post I think it was probably a little more negative than I intended; I certainly wasnt trying to suggest you had purposefully fleeced the buyer into buying 2 core sets that weren't neccessary.

I think the main issue with having to buy two core sets is the amount of waste in the 2nd core set, due to repeated encounter cards, etc which is I guess the underlying theme of the OPs question, but perhaps a way around this is for the forum to start creating fan made quests, with some using double copies of encounter cards or something? Fan made quests, now there's an idea...anyone in the community fancy doing a Strange Eons plugin to help make the quest cards?!?!

Having said all of that, this game is so good IMO that despite promising myself I'd wait for the adventure packs to stock up on more cards I have found myself ordering a 2nd core set on the pretense of playing it with 3 players with larger decks, but really its to bring my card tally for solo play up to scratch for single sphere decks!

I think you have a great game on your hands here, the solo aspect is what really appeals to me and if you fancy applying this idea to other genres (I vote Cthulhu!) you'd have one eager buyer here at least!


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