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The Pallus Morg Affair

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(The Beginning) 


Each of you have recently been awakened to the realization that reality is not what it seems.  One day you were an Imperial citizen, loyal beyond all doubt because the Imperium was beyond doubt.  Now, now that your eyes have seen just a whisper of the reality that lies beyond what you have been led to believe, life is almost alien isn't it?  You hold everyone and everything in suspicion now.  Can you truly trust in news casts?  Can you trust the histories of the Imperium?  Can you trust your coworker?  Can you trust in the planetary government?  Are the wars the Imperium fights by accident or design?   Are there any others like you?  Simple questions that can most assuredly lead to a death warrant of heresy.  Such thoughts are blasphemous, surely worthy of a death masking punishment or perhaps interned at a penal facility where you would spend your remaining years in a pain glove?  Secret societies and cults leading to sedition, rebellion, even the complete downfall of the God-Emperor's control exist.  

Yet, are there not secret societies of men and women who seek to protect the domain of Humanity, even from itself?  Are there not those who seek the greater truth, no matter how terrible, to protect their fellow human? There are those truly loyal citizens that work in the shadows seeking the greater terrible truth.  The truth is that all you have ever been told to believe in is a lie.  But this is not evil, it is not heresy.  The truth is that you have been kept ignorant to protect you. The truth has no agenda.  The truth is that you can never go back to your old life now, knowing that behind closed doors are those who would seek to destroy what we hold dear.  There are those who would seek to open doors and let evil come crashing in, erasing Humanity from eternity.  But perhaps, dedicated men such as yourself, and perhaps a few others, can secretly work to keep some doors closed and break open others to let the God-Emperor's wrath judge our enemies to oblivion.  There are those who seek to keep you in ignorance, to protect you and the Imperium.  We work against ourselves to some degree.  Know that the Imperium runs on irony.  Do we not imprison nine innocent men and ensure we imprison one guilty man?  If the Adeptus Administratum, the Planetary Defense Forces, the Imperial Guard, the Arbites or even...the Inquisition knew what you were about to do, you would disappear like darkness before the dawn.  How I know about what you have encountered is unimportant.  The fact that I know your most soul wrenching secret is unimportant.  What is important is that I know you each have a desire for the truth and have a desire to keep evil at bay.

My name is Nikolai and I am in a position to grant you your desires...

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