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Thinking of buying?

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Hi American63 !

My opinion is :

This is a good introduction to Napoleonic Wargames with figures. Easy and fast to learn, nice miniatures, luxury material. It can be played easily, without a serious headache !

If FFG / NG is going to issue new add-ons (some's are already scheduled), this game will become more and more interesting.

I have already painted few figures and it's really nice. The maps are "old Fashioned" type and with painted figures, that's really cool.

Hope it will help you to take your decision.


PS : Apologize for the "bad English" as I'm French

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well i have the opposite opinion of Olivier..

as far as i'm concerned, rules are very complex, although they finally released an update on it.

i played it a couple of times only because of its difficutly, for me, to be played by the rules.

Note that i am not a wargamer fanatic and have only a couple of wargames in my shelves. So if you are more experienced, that might change things.

Anyway, for it's real price (was 99€ at the time, but luckily had it at 50) it's definetly not worth if for me...


keep us posted on your feeling if you buy the game !



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My 2 pence:


Battle Cry (a cool & EZ boardgame about the US Civil War) is roughly "same period, same war rules".


For me:

Battle Cry is complexity 1


BON is complexity 4


Out of possible 10


I find that in these games the order of the turn is always key.  Once you get that down, everything else falls naturally.  The units work/behave the way you'd expect 'em to.  But you have to know beforehand how did they work in "real life" battles from that time to plan your moves.


A few movies or TV, or books will enlighten.




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Guest Not In Sample

sounds like an interesting game , something more easily approachable than most other historicals games .

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