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I currently play with these House rules:


home rules :


- for hoax rules :
hoax is an epic hero
"while invisible, hoax can't be targeted by an ranged attack enemy (even overwatch)
- page 21 combat
"to choose an adjacent target, the attacker must do an melee attack with a weapon having the hand to hand trait or an unarmed attack
- p 25 counter attack , weapons with the mental and/or heavy traits may not be chosen for an conter attack
- for asteros
he may be chosen to work for reich faction as a mercenary, and he counts as both two heroes.
the controlling team's pool of command points is two less while asteros is on the board.
- for rules of hoss,
hoss is an epic hero
- for rules of oksana;
oksana is an epic hero
- zorkh'a is an epic hero
- for rules of epic hero : one epic hero may not be part of a team that includes one epic hero.



what think you?


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sorry i forgot

"while invisible, hoax can't be targeted by an ranged attack enemy (even overwatch) but
She may to make an ranged attack without become visible"

and oksana can't be in the union faction

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i prefer version' s ffg than version's Toy but...

1) it's logical for you that Asteros may works for any faction?

2) for you : hoax+oksana+vovoides+asteros = any opposing force?

3) it's logical for you that oksana may works for union's faction ?

4) hoax is more power when she's invisible with melee attack more than ranged attack?

5) do you think that astéros cost is quite high ?

6) more possibility for counter attak than overwath, it's normal?

7) an automatic weapon= knif in mellee attack?

8) the effect eva's snow goggles for pistols is logical if you can attack an adjacent enemie with an ranged attack?

the answers are no for me!!!

if you see and try, these homes rules are very light in the game

thank you for your answer, you're the one for the momentgui%C3%B1o.gif

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Well I think that players see to many problems in Tannhauser, well, most of the complains are actually against Deathmatch, in my opinion Tannhauser is designed more for Campaign, Scenario and Objective mode. Truth is that Asteros Oksana and the rest could be devastating in other modes, I,ll try that (but don't forget that enemy may go for matriarchy and also pick Oksana, or he can also pick Asteros and you have to deal with that somehow. Melee weapons in new rules were discussed so many times before... so I'm to lazy to dig up some interesting thoughts (is that spelled right ? ) that guys here had.

some fast answers.


1) I don't see problem here

3) Why wouldn't she ? Read her story.

4)Well the simplest answer could be if somebody puts knife on your neck he has better chance to cut you, rather than shooting across the hall. (almost in every PC game you gain bigger bonus when you sneak attack with melee)

5)Well he's strong but for two of your slots, for ex. in objective, having an extra miniature to block your enemy or having extra action to solve objectives is quite a difference

6)I don't understand what you mean by this one :-/

7) ...and this one

8) well, this is weird

some items are slightly "forced" to work with the new rules, but I don't mind that much. Also my problem is that i don't like houseruling in my games :D but I don't think it's bad habit :).


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