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FFG DanielC

My Kingdom for a Horse >>> A New Preview for Omens of War

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As every general knows, cavalry are a powerful force on the battlefield. The advantages of fighting from horseback are many; not only do warriors benefit from an elevated position, but they are also able to move much more swiftly ahorse than they could on foot. 

Omens of War features richly detailed rules for horses and mounted combat, and you can read a preview here

Remember that you can read about many of our forthcoming products in our Sifting Through Shadows document, which you can find here

Enjoy the game! 


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Is it just me or has that damned ship sunk?
The first weeks after the announcement of 'Omens' went really fast, and things seemed to move forward. Until the status went from 'At the Printer' to 'On the Boat'.
You have to understand, I'm like a child waiting for xmas ;).

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