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power gamers delight

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Power gamers exploit systems, any game is potentially a power gamers delight. Warhammer 40k in general I believe is a big draw to power gamers by it's very nature.

Power gamers also buy books, which helps to keep books being published. ROLEplayers buy books, which helps to keep books being published. We are in a symbiotic relationship.

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Cifer said:


 If the group decided to attack an orphanage, then they'll find children and the staff who take care of and teach them (of course, in 40k, that may actually be a tougher fight than it might initially sound)

Well, choose the wrong orphanage and you might have to deal with Commissars, Sororitas, Arbitrators and Stormtroopers - though probably only a few of them.



Hell, chose the wrong orphanage on the wrong planet, and you might end up against Commissars, Sororitas, Arbitrators and Stormtroopers... who are being led by Commissar Ciaphas Cain... which then makes you more boned lengua.gif

Or they attack a Blighted Schola and suddenly discover that their guts are being munched on by summoned daemonic pets:D



As to the other matter of power scaling. a Genestealer is not very threatening to a high lvl Deathwatch marine for the same reason Asdrubael Vect would find them non-threatening. Experience is the word, one Genestealer shouldnt be a challenge to a Deathwatch marine with 40k xp, said marine would probably still find a Deamon Prince to be a challenge and on the other hand annihilate lots and lots of Genestealers. (Unless said marine was an idjit and let himself be surrounded with genestealers, cause that is just not a good idea)

Take it in DnD 3.5 jargong... IF every orc suddenly is lvl 8 when the players hit lvl 10, what makes the players feel like they are lvl 10? The truth is that most orcs would still be around lvl 1 NPC class or lvl 1 PC class when the players hit lvl 10 and the players in turn will steamroll the orcs.


Like what was said, it's all about plausability. Players that are not total idiots ought to know what they are capable of, especially if they've played for awhile, so said players should know that attacking that carnifex just because its in their way maybe is not the best idea after all. Porblems can be solved in different ways, and if you tailor every encounter to the PCs it stops being challenging because they never have to think. So I think I find it more important to provide a consistent world where the players can expect to know what an ork can do, most of the time. [rambling on]

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