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Chronicles of Omari Godwin

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 Hi guys I am developing my character for a new Rogue Trader Game that I am starting with some firends and I am going to keep an in game journal of the adventures and misadventures of this character. I will be using scribd as a record keeping method and like that it is a bit easier to read for all of you with proper formating and all.

Chronicles of Omari Godwin [ LINK ]

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Hi guys I was updating some files and decided to also try and edit the first part of the Chronicles of Omari Godwin into a post friendly format and in the processes I also linked you guys to the data sheet in Scribed for the Red Dawn.

Chronicles of Omari Godwin, 
High Factotum of House Eltanin of Halcyon
The Red Dawn, Viper-Class Scout Sloop


When my father the Lord-Governor of Tsor d’Pris announced that he would be retiring to his sanctum due to a mysterious illness he left the running of the Forbidden City and our territories to the Great Council of Elders. Soon the tensions that were the undercurrent of the High Nobility started to show on the surface and the world started to change rapidly.

I can recall as a young child seeing the landscape being covered in carnage and war that never seemed to end. I am rather grateful that my siblings never considered me as a great threat being so far removed from being selected to inherit the Lord-Governor title to this forsaken world. I was as a young child deeply in pain for the land that was my home. While I have no real found memories of my birthplace it still holds an emotional component to my development.
I felt that my siblings were all just too jaded to see what they were doing to the world they wished to become Lord-Governors. I made the choice that while not interested in the title of Lord-Governor for the power it bestowed upon myself that I could do something to at least stop the senseless bloodshed that they started.

My first step to achieve this goal of mine was entering St. Drusus’ Military Academy in the High Spires of the Forbidden City. The school focused on the teaching of Saint Drusus who became a great missionary in what was then the Calyx Expanse. His teachings are of great value in an isolated world like Tsor d’Pris were the only real help comes from the Adeptus Ministorium.

While I was very keen in learning all that had to be learned from leadership to combat tactics and logistics I kept my scores in the moderately average range. This was so I did no raise any suspicion from my siblings. To them my choice of schooling was more of a pass time since it matter not to them what some one so far removed from the halls of power was doing.

Years passed and I had grown into a mature and well-educated noble. I did not only have what I considered the best tactical and military education, but I also had made many influential contacts while I was growing up in those some what isolated spires of the Forbidden City.

My return to the central spire was less the warm. Those that remained who were loyal to my father were not inclined in speaking to me and my other siblings just went along with what they had always done and ignored me. This had proven to my advantage, as I did not need others to keep track of my every move. I was now mature enough to know that peace in this world was not going to be cheap and that some ideals might be casualties of the war I am trying to stop.

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