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The Spaniard

FFG on the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh Revised Edition

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TerryTate said:

Does anyone know if any of the other expansions are going to be Revised in the near future?   I just bought DP (revised) as my first expansion, but want to make sure my next expansion purchase isn't one that's going to be retired soon.   Thanks in advance!

I'd imagine that you're pretty safe with any of them now. As the first post states, DP was the first expansion and didn't have the same look/feel as the other expansions. The revision was to bring it inline with the other expansions. 

As all expansions (except the original DP) now have the same look/feel it's unlikely that they'll revise any of them. 

Besides, I'd imagine that FFG don't do a revision without really needing to. A revision may not sell well to owners of the previous version and may cause some ill feeling and confusion amongst them. Better to spend the time/effort doing another brand new expansion that gives something totally new to everyone.

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