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Mutant Chronicles miniatures play online

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People Forum Mutant Chronicles are creating an application to play this game online thumbnail. FREE list go by and creation to help with comments, ideas, etc ... and above all to be many players and the system works and so we provide a good way for us to play with us at a distance and enjoy this game, unfortunately now closed.

I leave the links to the forum and topic which is being developed, they even have videos on youtube to be watching the progress of the program.



Mutant Chronicles Forum


Suggestions, ideas, bug reports on the development of program

news and downloads new updates


Have already taken the first playable beta version to be polishing the system. In principle, and only limited possibilities to test three models.

And of course encourage you to participate in testing the game in the forum, even in Spanish is very intuitive and your input and feedback can come in handy to improve the program until you make a complete version with all errors corrected. Even so it could be possible with a translation in English.


I leave with a catch so that you see an idea.







And a small video with some of the properties of the program




Of course clear that this is a simple program to play a non-profit, is simply the attempt to keep alive this game among fans and those who can not play in person can still enjoy this game with friends through internet.




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 This....  This is amazing.

I badly wish to see the Mutant Chronicles theme to continue  and hope to see success from both this and the Doomtrooper Online (Card Game?) see some popularity. Good luck and I'll be keeping close watch on the progress of this game.

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