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Daysman G

The Beast of Gévaudan

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I'm thinking about  another epic hero /beast that could "equilibrate" Asteros. As there is a map with the oupost in Gévaudan,  the "Beast of Gévaudan" from the french legend came in my mind.

I'm developing its stats without weapons (but large claws), clever,  very rapid and 5 lines of life. For the miniature, as there is no definitive representation for it in the legend, one could choose whatever beast he wants to play with. For example, a dire wolf, a sabertooth, a lion, a werewolf, an hellhound, a great bear....The picture on the character sheet should be enough dark to be used by everyone :  for example, only two eyes in a black forest.

Have you other ideas ?

I will post the stats when finished




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plenty of ideas :)


special rules. The beast has no ability to operate other items, it cannot fulfill objectives and cannot have disposable equipment. If you choose The beast to your squad, it takes place of 1 hero and 1 trooper. Beast can't attack mechanical enemies unless attacked by them first.

Stats: same as Asteros, first four lines of 7 then 6

Claws: melee, weapon. As on action you can attack all adjacend enemies. +1 dice.

Lust for blood: if Beast attacks a wounded enemy, it has +1 attack dice.

Animal sense: The beast doesn't suffer any penalties from smoke grenade.

Takedown: If you spend at leas 4 movement points before attack, you can strike your opponent down. He can't use his movement during his next round (maybe automatic wound ? )

Claws: same as abowe

Hardened skin: +1 dice to shock roll.

Regeneration: if the beast isn't in line of sight of an enemy unit and spends it's whole movement and action, it can heal one wound.

Poisonous bite: if The beast attacks only one enemy, the enemy suffers one automatic wound.



Fear of the unknown: enemy has -3 to their initiative roll

Full of rage: Beast's movement value is alwast 12

Lurk: As an action, you can put yourself on overwatch. aditionally melee overwatch attacks are +1 dice.

Combat: beast has to wound 3 enemies in one attack.



So I made it quite overpowered, but take it as a stream of ideas that a came up with :)




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had this in mind for a while :) so I'm looking forward to your ideas about the beast. However I think that the beast could be oficcial release from FFG. :)

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