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Dear Thaad: Errors on Components or Component List?

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Many thanks to Thaad for posting the detailed component list on Boardgame Geek, and sympathies too as it must have been a tedious job.  I do have a couple of questions though:

1. In the listing for the 15 Lock Puzzle pieces, the fourth item is specified as being GBGR. While I have all the other pieces as specified, my remaining piece is GGGR. Is this a typo, or is it a minor color printing error on the piece?

2. In addition, in the Event Cards section, under the 'Green-eyed Boy' Event Cards, I believe the fourth item (listed as 'Green-eyed Boy') should be 'Horrific Vision'.

Also as mentioned in another post here, there is the discrepancy with the Suitcase Lock puzzle card:

Frosty Wolf:

The suitcase card that my game came with, shown here:




Says "...solve Lock Puzzle #6A..." but has Lock Puzzle 6B pictured. This becomes a problem becase the rules state to set up the puzzle as pictured on the card.

Any chance of coming to our rescue Thaad?

PS. Thank you for sending out those replacement Mi-Go so quickly. gui%C3%B1o.gif

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