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A Question about Joffrey (TftRK)

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Hi there,


my first post on this forum, so first of all: Hi there!


Second: Somewhere I have read about a Lannister deck using the Joffrey from TftRK as a main way to win.

I do see how this guy can amass a lot of power with his ability and also become quite powerful with "devious intentions".

I have played against and with a Lannister kneel deck before, so I do understand the basic works of the deck, I just wanted to incorporate Joff as the core piece.

My only question is, are there any interesting and productive ways to kneel Joff, to use his ability more often?

(As far as I understand he is immune to "flogged and chained", as he is mmune to triggered abilities?)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, as this is my first post, I don't yet know hot to link card names to the respective card picture...

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 Well, first there are a couple of plots that have kneeling effects though most people would probably generally prefer to kneel an opponent's characters.

The trick I've gotten the most mileage with is that while he is immune to triggered effects he can still be used to pay the cost of a triggered effect or event. Joff makes a great character to use to trigger "A Lannister Pays his Debts" or "Death by Payne."

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