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Calling all House Rules

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I know this whole sub forum is for house rule discussions but I wanted to create a thread specifically for collecting everyones house rules or links to them.

I'm not interested in house rules that are still under play test. Please only include those rules (or links to rules) that you have thoroughly play tested and permanently incorporated into your game. I would say at least 5 sessions.

If you post a link to your document or page would you be so kind as to give just a very brief summary of what your house rules are addressing. Just a few words. And if we could, let's keep any discussion of each others house rules to their own specific thread. I'd like to keep this thread as focused as possible.

Thanks folks, I'm interested in seeing what's out there...

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Willmanx's houserules, created during more than 30 sessions played.

Less Token but better token :

  • use only one kind of token on cards and characteristics. We use the Fatigue/stress chits. It's less messy and faster.
  • Talent cards to exhaust : When you exhaust a talent, turn the card face down until the end of the encounter. You may use it again if you asses the situation or if you pay a fortune point. Don't use 4 token and try this way, it is really quick, nice and effective. Keep your token for real action cards.

Lighter Dice Pool

  • White dices : put out of the game every Talent that only add some passive white dice everywhere. If people want more white dices, they may tran specializations. There are a lot of other interesting talents than these one.
  • Black dices : Use black dices only when abilities requires it (defense, etc). Otherwise, adjusting Challenge dices is more simple and effective.

Conditions more effectives :

  • Fatigued/Distressed : You retire one characteristic dice from the pool per fatigue/stress over the tested characteristic (no black dice, big effect, and lighter pool).
  • Critical Wounds : Critical wounds are extra unsoakable damage. You draw 1 extra card when you hit a critical. This critical is unsoakable.
  • Fortune Points : Spending a point give you a BLUE dice, not a white one. no 50% effect no more then.
  • A/C/E : fatigue retires aggression dice, you may use Cunning dices to defend yourself instead of managing basic defenses cards. You may use aggression dice to make 1 more manoeuver (GM toolkit).

Less cards but better cards :

  • More memorables Wounds (wounds cards) : There is A LOT of wound cards now. Why don't you them and put out every wound care with "minor" black dices effects, "flesh wounds", lighter fatigues/stress stuffs, and keep the more violent ones. We are talking CRITICAL aren't we ? :)
  • More memorables Insanities (Insanity cards) : Same as Wounds cards. Put out black dices effects, lighter fatigues/stress and keep heavy effect and roleplay based effects.
  • Career talent : you may write it on your character sheet or put in on the career sheet advancement table.
  • Basic cards : don't use them... Moreover we don't roll no more guarded position and assess the situation because you never miss and the side effect are minors and may be automatic. I modified the Official character sheet (and translated it in french) to make the basic defense cards appears directly on the sheet.
  • Range attack : 1 black dice per range to balance it makes as much damage as melee attack.


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(UPDATE) Willmanx's houserules, created during more than 40 sessions played.


  • Only 1 kind of token for everything in the game.
  • Talent card exhausted : turn the card face down until the end of the encounter. Recharge it with a fortune point or assess the situation action.
  • Less white dices and better talents  : retire all the Talent which add passive white dice.
  • Less black dices and more effectives afflictions : retire all the wounds and insanities cards which add passive black dices (minor, flesh, even fatigue/stress stuff... keep the violent ones and the roleplay based ones !)


  • Fatigued/Distressed : When distressed or fatigued, retire one blue characteristic dice per fatigue/stress over the tested characteristic instead of adding 1 black dice (really effective, smaller pool).
  • Critical Wounds : Critical wounds are extra unsoakable damage. You draw 1 extra card when you hit a critical. This critical is unsoakable.
  • Fortune Points add a BLUE dice to a roll (instead of a 50% failing white one)
  • A/C/E : fatigue as extra manoeuvers retires aggression dice. you may use Cunning dices to defense.


I searched for a simpler and a more balanced formula to make opposed check to keep near of 50% of success when two equal adversaries are opposed. I finally got this, and I've yet used it for many sessions. HOUSE RULE : add a number of challenge dices equal the opponent's active characteristic -2 + misfortune dices as usual. For the record, I don't use opposed check in standard combat but the 1d+defense... with a defense card houserule really simple...



1) Dodge, block and parry offers you one regular black dice to defend yourself plus one more when you are trained in a skill, no matter how much you are trained. HOUSE RULE : add one more black dice per training in the relevant skill (so it is up to a max of 3).

2) The improved dodge, block and parry action card normaly replaces these one or two black dices from defence for one purple challenge dice. HOUSE RULE : Improved dodge, block and parry replace the first black dice for a purple dice, but you still add the black dice for being trained (one per training in the relevant skill in my games).

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Those darnable opposed rules... broken !


Here's my fix :

(Characteristic + training level) / 2 (halves become misfortune)

PLUS one misfortune for any specialisation the character might have.

EX: Georg the Watchman is on lookout duty. Frietz the thief tries sneaking by him. Frietz is the PC, and the active player. Georg has Int 4 and Observation trained once and a specialisation in lookout work, he's the best in the business ! :)

So Frietz needs to roll against 2 Challenge and 2 Misfortune (one for the 0,5 and one for the specialisation).


Using this simple formulae, two equally skilled and talented characters will end up at roughly 50% chance of success when put one against the other. This value shifts a bit, from say 48% for low level characters (Char 3, untrained), to 64% for uber powerful characters (char 5, 3 trained 1 spec). OK so it doesn't scale perfectly, but it's much better than the original. And the houserule is easy to remember. It's the best I could come with...

(You could just add specialisation as a training level, if you want less success overall. So in this case, Frietz would roll against 3 Challenge. It acutally changes the prob by only 2 or 3% harder...)


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