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Fury of the bear impressions

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Cyscott1 said:

So what's the verdict? I see a lot of grumbling but not much else. Should I buy this?



> The Soviets are here

> Nice Molds.  New armorguns

> Snow on the ground.  More diversity

> Shared strategy decks.


> I've got machine gun figs where the pins are about 1/32" too close to each other, making them near impossible to get into the base

> Scenarios that either weren't playtested enoughjust plain ignored

> Cards that either weren't well thought out, weren't playtested enough,both (i.e. Elite Formations)


Overall, I'm disappointed with what was ultimately released.  After all the delays, it's sad that a company like FFG can't dot all of the i'scross all of the t's.  The scenario balance had gotten progressively better with the expansions (although Normandy DID have their share of duds).  FotB seems to be a step backwards on that front.  But the figs are nice and, as usually is the case with FFG, it's all about the chrome.

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