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I'd like to ask you, gentlemen, if someone should help me finding high-resolutions icons of the struggle icons

(tentacules,crane, book, magnyfing glass).

I need it in a way to create new template for our fanmade deck of story cards ...


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can't help you right now, might be able to scan cards in quite high-def by the week end tho ...
if you have access to a scanner yourself, best way to do it (done it few years ago, but trashed everything when i stoped CCCCG) is to scan additionnal icons on attach-to-story cards ...
You got everything in the core set but combat that way, don't know about APs, but there is definitively an additional combat icon in the arkam edition (think it was an agency card)

This way you'll have quite big icons, and only have to rescale them down, make for a nice res.


Oups ... just saw how old you msg was, well, i hope you got everything you need now :)

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