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"Shadow Storm" Balanced Deck Review

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Here is the Shadow Storm deck


Promo Lv2 Riku 6/2 7hp


Hercules LV1 5/0     x3

Hercules LV3 4/0

Goofy LV1 4/0    x2

Goofy LV2 5/1   x2

Jack Skellington LV1  4/2     x3

Moogle LV1  -5/0

Peter Pan  LV1 2/0

Peter Pan LV3  4/1

Donald Duck  LV2  3/4     x3

Donald Duck  LV3 (alt)  3/4   x2

Beast  LV2  6/1    x2

Beast  LV3  8/0  x2

Yuffie  LV2  4/0

Leon  LV4  8/3

The KIng  LV0  0/0


Tinker Bell LV1 (promo)  0/0


Firaga  LV4  (6 damage)

Blizzaga LV4  (6 damage)

Thundara  LV4  (6 damage)

Curaga  LV4  (3 hp)

Graviga  LV4 (discard a friend 7 or lower support value)


Herc's Shield  +1/-   (on a goofy; if a friend is discared in any action phase discard this insted)

Save the King  +1/-  (same a Herc's Shield but Challenge phase not action phase)

Lord Fortune  +1/+1  x2  (equiped on donald can be discared to get a magic card form the discard pile)

Divine Rose  +5  

Oathkeeper  +5  (if you defeat a dark/heartless +1 hp)

Dark Cards

Soldier  LV1  Pow7  x3

Barrel Spider  LV3  Pow10  x3

Large Body  LV3  Pow13  x2

Angel Star  LV4  Pow11  (null magic damage)

Invisible  LV5  Pow12  (null friend,  magic/friend damage)

Gargoyle  LV6  Pow6  (null all but magic)

Jafar  LV8  Pow17  (discard aladdin and genie)


Hundred Acre Wood  LV0  (discard enire hand, no dark cards)

Disney Castle  LV1  (draw a card, no dark cards)

Deep Jungle LV2  x2  (bilizard effect doubled)

Wonderland  LV2  (fire effect doulbed)

Olympus Coliseum  LV2  (no dark limit,  put a lv3 Herc in your hand)

Agrabah LV3  (no level/no limit,  all magic is doulbled)

Halloween Town  LV3  (discard a random card from your hand)

Wonderland  LV3  (no friend, magic/friend, dark cards cannot be played here)


tell me what you think

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Looks like a stable build. The only problem is it seems like the world rush in the deck has a lot to do with double damage worlds. Make sure you can take care of the occasional Phil and you'll be in business. One other flaw is the number of heartless, may want to play a few things that will thin the deck on the way. Maybe a few aquatanks ;)

regardless i think its a great deck. nice one *thumbs up*

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