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Warhammer Inspired Super Heroes

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Been a busy few months; started a new job, and so forth.

Morph is coming along, with Growth, Shrinking, and Stretching done.

I kind of stalled out in Density Manipulation, as getting lighter and even fully intangible is complicated business in WH terms, but the heavy side of the spectrum is done.

After I struggle thru the rest of Density Manipulation, I'll do Bestiamorph (the ability to change into animal forms, and use some animalistic qualities. I think it will be easy and I've got a rough map laid out, but we'll see.

After Besitamorph is Shapeshifting. I roughed out the pattern to manage changing into various things and giving some variablity to differentiate characters, but the wording will be tricky on the cards.





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I haven't been keeping this thread updated, but lots of work has been done on this project in fits and spurts.


At this point, all the SFX stunt categories are basically done except for one I recently added and haven't fully fleshed out, Grenadier.

I need to compile a master list of stunt cards, but at a rough estimate there are about 700 of them at this point.

I did an initial pass to form up the SFX sets better and add some structure. I settled on sub-groups of 8 Stunts, with every SFX having at least 16 Stunts.

Current ToDo list:

I intend to do an editorial pass to standardize the language, make some balance adjustments, and tweak a few conventions that formed up as I went along. But the Stunts should be basically playtest ready in their current state.

I need to write up some rules sections that currently just subsume the Warhammer rules as written and aren't spelled out in situ. Those who know the Warhammer rules would be able to play it, and those who did not would have no clue as to the missing sections.

I need to finish writing up the Superteam rules. I want some kind of leveling scheme for Superteams but I havent yet found a good common thread to tie it all together.

Do a balance pass on the Archetypes. In particular, Savant and Booster might be overpowered. The "karmic" ability of Savants is hard to calculate balance for...probably useful to make a character specifically designed to min max it to see what the extreme case looks like. As to Boosters, to make a support oriented archetype more appealing I may have over-incentivized it; a little toning down is probably in order. On the low end, the Metamorph archetype may need a small buff, it does allow a pretty diverse SFX selection and skill selection, and so I made the Archetype Ability kind of weak to compensate...but I need to take a big picture look at it to make sure its not overcompensating.

Possible-> might add one or two more Origins. The current collection is pretty comprehensive, but...i don't know, my gut says 1 or 2 more for variety. Will consult the old Marvel Superheroes FASERIP Ultimate Powers Book -- it had a ridiculous # of origins. At the very least, I think some kind of desolid lifeform origin should be available for ghost, energy body, amoeba type characters. It's possible to do some of that with specific Stunts...but having an origin option to also cover it adds variety.

Characters-> need to make a few more iconics to cover some of the AT's and SFX sets. Most glaringly, I have not yet made a Mentalist. It also wouldn't hurt to make another Hybrid.

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Bim Bam Boozle: this kooky schizo freak wreaks his own brand of cracked criminal enterprise on a baffled citizenry. He's been apprehended many times and sequestered in a maximum security psych ward, but somehow manages to talk his way out or escape by some weird string of coincidences. As cruelly comic as he is criminally crazy, encounters with Bim Bam Boozle are equal parts surreal and sociopathic.

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Dayspoiler & Lady Evening: a dark duo who came into possession of a pair of potent belts granting great power over sapping shadows and diabolical darkness in a nightmarish misadventure deep in the bowels of the Earth. Setting out to fight crime, they were lead by increasingly dark urges to a sliding drift from righteousness. Now they perpetrate crimes on other criminals...but it's probably only a matter of time before they both lose all sense of virtue and find themselves fully fledged villains.

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