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Homemade mission for anybody to try

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I have finished the first of my homemade missions for Dust Tactics. These missions are stories more than balanced games and they work best if you play them once as the attacker and once as the defender to see who does best.

This first mission is a two part story where Allied troops infiltrate an Axis research lab in Finland (I'm staying away from Antarcica as the official missions set the story for that theatre of war).

Below is the first mission map and all the missions details can be found in the PDF that you can get here:


Missions 2 map:


The first mission uses 22 wall sections so you need a way to have 4 extra walls.

You will also need 8 models that can represent scientists. In the first mission these don't do anything but in the second mission they move around as a unit and for that reason I made a card to use in the game:


As you can see the scientist unit has one wound for every model in the unit and the PDF explains that you can group scientists into units of various sizes depending on the number of scientists you captured in the first mission.

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arkangl said:

Can I put these on my blog theyre pretty cool?

That is fine.

I've made a mapbuilder so it takes five minutes to make the map once I have the mission planned. Designing the missions takes the longest as I'm trying to stay away from the "kill them all" objectives and go for heroic storyline games instead.

Now that I've done a short campaign I'm looking at building a longer campaign.

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The missions are written with Allies as attacker but to mix things up a bit we played the whole thing with the Allies being the defender the other night.

I lost the first game with 6 points to my 2 points because my opponent managed to capture 6 of the scientists. By the start of round 7 it looked like it was going to be a draw as he only had 4 scientists but in the last two rounds of the game he ignored my units and legged it towards the two nearest scientists and won the game.

This game the Axis a 6 man scientist unit for the second game and all he had to do was get at least one of those scientists onto a snow tile by round 8.
As the attacker he got 16ap and opted to have two bots who would shoot at the building walls to make an exit and the remaining points he spend on laser grenadiers.

As I only had 8ap to spend and it had to be infantry I decided to go with 3 BBQ squads and Joe to give me an extra dice for authority. This paid-of as by round 3 the scientists got stuck between two of the BBQ squads and they burned them all during round 4.

So the second game was a victory for me. 1-1 end result. We will play the games again next week to see if I do any better as the attacker with the Allies (as the mission is written).

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