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My board is extremly warped..

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I wrote FFG twice with no response (its been 2-3 weeks). I'm not only disappointed the board is garbage after 3 plays!! but i have yet to be contacted. Anyone else have this problem and if so how did you resolve/fix? I know minor warping occurs with anything but my board is unplayable at this point. Please Help!

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 My board also came warped...

I wrote to customer services who was extremely kind and sent me a replacement to the UK which I was over the moon with however, to my dismay the replacement was warped exactly like the original in all the same places. 

My board is also unplayable as some of the figures tend to fall over at times.

Just to follow on from this, my board games are all kept in the same place and no other boards have warped!

I am very upset at this although what else can you do!?!

I do think FFG should look into this as they may have had the boards bought from somewhere else something...just some shot in the dark thoughts...preocupado.gif

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Directly from F.F.-

"Hello Ken,

Just was talking to you on the phone - here is the details about the
board request.

City of Thieves is a game we took over from AEG, and the process for
replacements for this one game is somewhat different from the other
titles we have. Unfortunately the printer Ludofact does things a bit
differently than we do normally. The contract for the printing didn't
give us either overrun boards, or a percentage of buffer like other
titles we do.

I'm pasting below the instructions they passed along for replacement
boards. Please contact them with your request - let us know if they
don't respond in a timely manner or if there are complications. We'll
try to work with them to get the process expedited.

Thanks for your patience -

Thaadd Powell
Customer Service
Fantasy Flight Games


LudoFact will provide Warranty Claim service for CoT game board
worldwide as the follow procedures.
If any of the end-consumer (not distributor or wholesaler) has filed
complain about the defective gameboard, the consumer must provide the
following 2 items and e-mail to ludofact@gmail.com and we will send
the new gameboard free-of charge from any of the three Ludofact
locations, Germany, USA and Hong Kong.

Please e-mail the following item:
(1) Scan Original Proof of Purchase (warranty period is only
within 6
months from date of purchase)

(2) Take 3 digital Pictures in three views (a) The game version with
the barcode, (b) the gameboard in the completely opened view and (3)
Close up view and clearly shown that the defective gameboard is raised
above the surface line of 4 mm. Please note: Fuzzy or not clear
pictures will not be accepted in the result, no replacement will be

If the customer cannot provide the above proof of purchase and 3 clear
pictures, sorry no warranty will be granted. Lead time for the
warranty claim may take up to 1-2 months or longer depending on the
time of year, stock available and the volume of claim, we will
constantly review with Dust Game (not distributor or wholesaler) about
the status of the claim."


I'm pretty pissed because there is no way i have the receipt still. grrrrrrrrrr



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This is ridiculous.  What a bunch of a-holes: FFG should force them to send FFG all their replacement boards and pieces so they can supply them to people in a timely manner.

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I could provide both but to be honest I don't see the point in getting a third warped board...

Thradd was the guy who helped me and was really helpful...

Makes me realise that i should be wary buying EX-Dust games if that is the kind of distributers they use...

I love the game although feel cheated in paying the full price for a faulty part.

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I'm with you guys. I brought my copy of Cadwallon home, from the brick & mortar store where I bought it, and opened the box to check it out. Everything seemed fine. Several weeks later, when I went to play the game for the first time, I was very dismayed to learn that the board had warped pretty severely despite being kept at normal room temperature. I e-mailed FFG and got the same reply about Ludofact being responsible for replacing the board. Unfortunately, I had thrown out the receipt for the game after I opened the box to count all the components and everything seemed fine. As a result, I no longer have my proof of purchase. WHO KEEPS RECEIPTS FOR BOARDGAMES??????????   I feel absolutely cheated that I spent my money on this game (and also own about 50 other Fantasy Flight Games and expansions) and this is the way that we are treated. FFG now owns the right to this game and are selling it under their own name/brand. I my opinion THEY should be repsonsible for making sure that their customers receive a quality product, not deflecting the blame and responsibility to a company who no longer owns the rights to the game. Obviously Ludofact has extra copies of the board if they are able to supply them to those who meet their replacement requirements. Why did FFG not obatin these extra copies when they bought the rights to the game? As a side note, the warping board issue is getting to be a growing concern as well, I just opened my brand new copy of Dungeonquest and that board was warped before I even took it out of the box for the first time. Not a promising trend.

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O.K., I guess I have to eat crow on this one. I took a chance and e-mailed Ludofact, explaining that I bought the game from a brick & mortar store, and that I disposed of the receipt after everything was accounted for and in good condition after opening the box. Ludofact was very understanding and asked only for photos of the board, which I e-mailed to them. Two days after sending the photos, the replacement board was on my front porch. I don't know how the board will hold up over time, but right now it is perfectly flat and I am very satisfied both with the replacement board and the service that I received. So I must apologize for kind of slamming FFG due to the fact that the replacement policy that they had in place worked out just fine. That said ... it's been almost two weeks since I emailed them about the Dungeonquest board, and still no reply. I own many FFG products and very rarely have any problems, but it seems that every time I do have a problem it requires a follow up e-mail before I receive a reply. The problem normally gets corrected in the end, but why does it always take two e-mails to get a reply? 

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I just purchased my copy this week and got it to the table tonight. My board was a little warped, not enough to hamper play, but after reading this I'm starting to worry that it will get worse! I really don't want to have to fight with another warped gameboard (happened with Marvel Heroes and again last  year with Middle Earth Quest.) I've already had to contact FFG as one of the green plastic bases for the minis was missing when I opened everything up.

Aside from that, we still had a lot of fun playing.


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