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Leader option and tactic card for main game board

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Absolutely. SInce I own SoS our group never went back to CoK or the Main game.

Our setup always is: Leaders, Tactics, Fortresses, One time Orders (except the house special orders), ports, siege machines, SoS house cards. 

Everything tuned on. Makes it a litte more difficult. "Manage troops" is not a real problem more a tactical expansion to be dealt with. In relation to the other tactics that may have been played in a turn it could be a major weakness, may it be missed power tokens, ATT or DEF Power along with stretching your armies over whole Westeros. ;)

Did anyone try playing with Allies on the "big" board? Came just into my mind. Could be a hit. Allies plus Support Allies Tactics card could maybe balance the game to even more diplomacy. Maybe we'll give it a try. 



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