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new player in the north west uk, need some help

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hi, i have order the dark starter set as well as about 4 extra models (trying to have two teams so i can get more friends involved).


no i dont have the full rule book yet so i know very little of the different character and have bough what i did based on looks, here is where i need help, i want a team in the vain of the Turks from FF7 or the Secretist from Dan Abnetts Ravenor books (the whole black suits bad ass shindigery theme), would i be better playing as a dark faction and combining different characters or perhaps selecting an organisation?


thanks in advance

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 There aren't an awful lot of suit-wearing characters in Anima. The most Turk-like character is probably Lorenzo, although he has a giant cyber-arm. You could try building a Turks-themed team using Wissenschaft's "Ravens" which would involve:

 - Lorenzo (nice, clean-cut suit, cyber-arm)

 - XII (suit is OK but he also has a giant raggedy cloak)

 - Rayne (nice suit-top, tie, very short skirt)

 - Female Wissenschaft Agent (similar to Rayne)

The Male Wissenschaft Agent would be a great addition to a Turks-themed team, but unfortunately it hasn't been released yet.

I was going to post some pictures of my Ravens, but apparently code is disabled on this forum. You can find pictures of these characters on the FFG store, though.


Alternatively, you could probably make a pretty good Turks-themed team from the Azur Alliance team "Les Jaeger":

 - The Colonel

 - Kirsten

 - Reindhold

 - Kyler


Both of these options involve you taking the members of an Organisation. Because Lorenzo is Light, you wouldn't be able to take him with a Dark character from a different Organisation, which rules out making a custom group involving Lorenzo and Les Jaeger.

Good luck; I hope that helps!

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 i have lorenzo cordelia (i know not very turk but may pass with a different paint job) and rayne. i also have clover and the Colonel all on oder with he dark starter set, so hopefully i can have something resebling the turk in two teams.


being new to this and not seeing the cards or abilities yet the teams may be one sided, but this is only a start my group will pick it up if they enjoy the initial games, and after reading another post i will pick up some agents i think.


anyway sorry to ramble, and thanks for the reply



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