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Campain Using Dust and Dust Tactics

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I was wondering if anyone has come up with any ideas for making a campaign for this game but use the dust board game as the basis for the campaign I have both games and like them but I've been trying to figure out how to combine them.

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It's so funny that you say that... I was just thinking about something similar last night except with Tide of Iron.  Obviously Dust would be better (I just happened to be reading the Tide of Iron rules when it occured to me).  I think there would be a great fit to do something with Dust and Dust Tactics.

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I was thinking of combining the warhammer or 40k campaign rules with the dust rules to see what I get but I need to find my copy of it.

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I can see how you could blend a Risk style of gaming to Tactics.  An army piece could represent a squad and such.  Then you actually battle out the battles.

It would be one looooooong board game though.



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If you do come up with a campain style and play it, post some battle reports.  I would find it interesting to see how it works out.



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So I wrote up the rules for the campaign stuff but I have play tested them. I'll prob do that this weekend and tonight I'll hopefully I'll put up a PDF on BoardGameGeek on the rules so other ppl can play test them or see what they think about it. Most of it is the premium rules set but I've made home grown rules to incorporate the tactics part of the game and to help defenders with defending thier capitals.

Dust Campaign


Dust campaign is a combination of dust tactics and dust strategy board game.
The rules will be from the Dust Tactics Rulebooks and the Dust Premium Version Rulebook.
Most rules for the campaign follow the Premium Rulebook.

A group of players will setup like normal for the Dust Game.
The exception of that they must set up on a location in their regions as shown in the Blue Thunder book (ex. Allies can only start in a blue territory).
Neutral countries on the map are the same on the board and areas that can apply to either army are classed as neutral (ex. Alaska being owned by Russia and Allies).
Each person starts with a Capital, a Production Center, and a 2 point hero.
More than one person can be the same force (ex. 2 allies or 2 axis) but must still follow the setup rules. Those who are on the same force are automatically allies (see Diplomat special rule).
Since this is a campaign this game will not last just 7 turns. It will last until someone wins with victory points.

Production Phase

All rules apply from the board game for production phase with the exception of Cost.
Units Cost on Dust Tactics Card
Fighter 3
Submarines 5
Bombers 4
Production Plant 6
Cards 1
Landmines 1
Each tank counts as a 5 or less unit army and each walker counts as a 6 or larger unit army rather than each unit.
Each player is responsible for remembering which army is which and what is in each army.
At the end of each turn player must submit their army lists to the Head of the Campaign.
You cannot buy neutral units the Head of the Campaign will build those armies at the beginning of each turn.
His cost is different than the players’ cost.
Units Cost on Dust Tactics Card-1
Production Plant 5
Fighter 2
Bomber 3

Movement Phase

Movement phase is the same as in the Premium rulebook.
Combat Phase

First Turn Restriction
Same rule applies.

Attacking a Capital
Same rule applies.

Neutral Units
Same rule applies also but when defending the Head of the Campaign will be the acting defender choosing either army he wishes. If he is part of the campaign also and wishes to fight a neutral army then another player will act as the neutral army.


Land Battles
Land Battles are now Tactic battles and all rules and setup is the same in the Tactics rulebook.

Sea Battles
Sea Battles are the same rules as the Premium Rule book.

Amphibious Battles
Amphibious Battles are the same as Land Battles.
There are no retreats.

Before any battles can be played you a person choices to retreat they may do so as normal.
Retreating also can apply in mid land battles. When retreating in mid battle announce to your opponent at the beginning of the turn before any unit is activated. Then role a dice for each unit that player controls that has reached the table edge. On a blank that unit retreats and are removed off the table edge. On a hit that unit stays and continues fighting and can try to retreat next turn. A unit can only retreat if they are on players the board edge or can move to get off the players board edge.
A retreat follows all rules and the player not retreating automatically gets a win.

Capitals and Production Centers Battles
Both are land battles with the follow stats for the buildings. They count as vehicles for the purposes of shooting or assaulting.
Move Armor HP
0 7 30

Production Centers
Move Armor HP
0 5 20

When attacking the Capital or Production Center in Land Battles then the defenders back wall is the target for shooting.
Ballistic Missiles reduce the HP to half on a hit.
Bombers reduce 2 HP on a hit per bomber. Bombers can never reduce the structure below 10 HP.
If the capital does not have any army then it is automatically given to the attackers.
Bombers and Missiles cannot win a structure battle.
HP is restored at the end of the turns for all structures.

Special Attacks and Defense

Bomber Attacks do the same with one exception they can also attack Armies, and Capitals.
Bombers are not part of the armies but are purchased to protect from submarines and do bomb runs.
Bombers against Armies
Set up like normal with for an army. The bomber has to run across the board in a straight line once. It must move its full distance and cannot move twice. If more than one bomber attacks the same point then all of them can be used in the same battle. Bombers bombs can only shoot forward.
Move Armor HP
3 2 4

R 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3
Bomb 1 3/1 3/1 2/1 2/1 3/1 3/1 2/1 2/1 1/1 1/1 - - - -
Flight (cannot land)

Bombers fighting against fighters are the same as regular Land Battle in Premium rules.
Rules for bombers bombing a capital are shown under attacking capitals. Bombers can also defend an army, capital or a production center from submarine attack.

Submarine Attacks
Submarines can attack use attacks during land battles only.
To show this attack each turn the submarine’s controlling player will roll a Dice if a Hit the Submarine does a shot from the sea and lands on target. The attack can only be used once per battle.
R 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3
Missiles U 1/+ 1/+ 1/+ 1/+ 7/1 7/1 5/1 5/1 3/1 3/1 1/1 - - -

Missile Attack
Missile attack is the same as in premium rules with the following exception.
Missile attack cannot choose to fighters.
When a missile is launched at an army look at that army’s controller army list and choose 3 units and role a dice for each one individually. A hit destroys that unit.

Fighters are not part of an army but can be used to defend an army, capital, or production center from bombers and ballistic missiles.
When fighters are defending against bombers just role off like you would for the land battles in premium rulebook.
When fighter are defending against ballistic missile roll a dice for each fighter any hits neutralizes the missile. When the battle ends each fighter roles a dice destroy a fighter per hit.
Once any of these are done if there are any units left the attack continues to the tactics battle.
This rule is subjected to change once the rules come out for fighter.

First Turn Restriction
First Turn Restriction is the same.

Landmines are the only special ability that does not need a card. Once purchased the controlling person can use them to fortify his Capitals or Production Centers.
Keep a tally on how many each location has of landmines.
See home rules for rules for fighting with landmines.

Special Abilities
Cards that can be used for land battle are shown at the beginning of the battles by each player. As many cards can be used per battle but only 1 of every card can be used.

Raketen Truppen
Same rules apply for the following battles:
Fighters against bombers or missiles
Bombers against submarines
For land battles for one whole turn the entire army has berserk.

Same rules apply.

Secret Weapon
Same rules apply. Except instead of the whole army the card user gets to pick a unit that will not participate in the land battle.

Same rules apply.

Alien Radar
Same rules apply.

Same rules apply.

Mech Dropper
Same rules apply.

Ace of the Sky
Same rules apply.

Mech Builder
Same rules apply. Medium mechs only

Same rules apply for the following battles:
Fighters against bombers or missiles
Bombers against submarines
For land battles for one whole turn the entire army has fighting spirit.

Ballistic Missile
See Ballistic Missile

Extra Ability Cards

Bombers do one last bomb before the structure is assaulted.
This card is played when a player is about to defend a capital or a production center.
That player can do a bomber attack against the attacker before the battle.
Play the bomber scenario and once the bomber has done its sweep immediately setup the defenders units.

Capital Defenses
The capital has its own artillery and is aiding the army in the battle to protect itself.
This card can only be used during a land battle to defend a Production Center or a Capital.
During a land battle the Capitals defenses fire their cannons on the enemy.
Can be used twice a battle.
Roll a dice on a hit the first artillery is fire and the second fires the next turn.
R 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3
Artillery U 1/+ 1/+ 1/+ 3/1 4/1 4/1 3/1 3/1 2/1 2/1 1/1 - - -
Capital Defenses can also be used against bombers. Before the bombers get to attack the defenses get an attack per bomber to reduce the attack on itself.
Neutral structures already have this ability.

If card is played the defender prepared for the attack and fortified their defenses a little with land mines.
The defender can lay down 2 extra landmines on the table.

Fighter Squadron
If card is played the defenders can call for fighter to sweep across the battle.
The defender can call for fighter to attack a specific unit. A radioman is required for this play.
A single unit is picked for the attack.
R 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3
Fighter U 2/1 2/1 1/1 1/1 2/1 2/1 1/1 1/1 1/1 - - - - -

Fortification Wall
A big steel, concrete or even laser wall is built to help defend the structure.
Walls add 10 HP to the structure.

Spies have infiltrated the structure.
Attacker can allow one infantry unit to deploy from any table edge.

Soldier turn sides in the middle of a battle.
The attacker gets a free infantry unit.
It must be a unit type of the defenders type (ex. Allies units or Axis units).
This unit is an extra unit the defender does not lose any units.


Victory Phase
This phase is the same as the premium rulebook.
+1 Point for every land battle victory and excluding bombers or fighter battles.
Victory Points required to win are doubled.

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Rules maybe added to this bc im trying to come up with more cards to help in battle for attackers and defenders.

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