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Ludlov Thadwin of Sevenpiecks

A Witch Huntery audio drama

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Hey everyone,

I got inspired to post this when I thought of the thread about Warhammery movies.

A group of friends and I make audio dramas under the group name "Audio Epics". For almost four years now, we've been working on a project called "The Witch Hunter Chronicles".

It's not set in the Warhammer world, but the atmosphere, the world and the Witch Hunters themselves are certainly, at least in part, inspired by it.

We are now publishing this audio drama online as a weekly series. You can listen or download it on our blog:

I hope it's okay for me to post this. This project is completely free and non-profit. We just hope that Warhammer fans will enjoy our show :)

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Forgive my most heinous thread necromancy, but the Witch Hunter saga is still not done yet :-)


Audio Epics is now doing a crowdfunding campaign to be able to create a 10-hour dramatised audiobook version of the story. It's going to be epic!


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