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The small group of Explorers moved through the ancient forest of the Alien world.  Avon Deavek struggled slightly in his Void Suit, he hated exploration missions, flying down onto some god forsake Xeno world,only to be met with dead air and broken ruins, he was begging to tireof his master's curious nature, The rogue Trader himself strode forward at the front of the group, he was clearing a path through the dense ferns of the forest with his crackling powersword, Evon knew he would be grinning ear to ear , this was  what Gideon Hexpec Captain of the Lost Rose lived for, trekking through some Emperor forsaken world looking for treasure.

Glancing over at one of the crew who held a flamer Avon still couldn't help but wonder why the Captain hadn't simply used that, of course Gideon was only marginally Logical at the best of times, so best to shut up. Thought Avon. The forest surrounding them was clearly of Xeno origin,the huge looming plants  around them where taller than a space marine, and broader too. The Barely managed to cut their way through the dense tree's, meaning that Avon felt like some bug in the middle of a Hive nobles Garden.

Coming to the planet had been the brilliant idea of the ship's exploratator , The tech priest had promised us that this time he had found a real Xeno Artifact sight, of course he had found this site in the rambling note's of some god forsaken pilgrim explorer from  Calix. However Gideon had believed him and now we where trekking through the dense forest to find a temple that probobly didn't exsist.

From the front of the group Avon heard a laugh of delight and the unmisstakable voice of his captain rang out " Boy's we found it , she's right there." Avon pushed his way to the front of the group to see the temple for himself, Sebastian stood by the Captain, the Tech priest turned and gave me a gleefull look of truipth , the Explorators mostly unaugmented face had made him for more emotive than any Techie Avon had seen or whish to see. He looked past his captain to see the sight for himself, and his jaw droped

What stood before him was no mere temple, , it was beutifully colured,  reds and blues decorated it's battered hull, it's prow had an icon of tall and slender being standing proud and tall carring a spear.  Avon gulped, they hadn't found an Xeno temple, but a crashed Eldar ship. Whether this was better or worse of course, meant if the owners where sill here.

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