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House Rules

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I've found a couple of house rules online and made a couple as I've played and im interested if anyone has come up with any.

Here's what I rounded up so far.

-When vehicles are destroyed they are not removed from play  but instead become rubble. Take of the turret to show destroyed and lay on side. The rubble is impassible and blocks line of sight.

-Heroes get a cover save just like units.

-For bigger games the weapons get weaker as they go further distances. To show this for weapons with unlimited range firing for every nine squares it passes through remove one dice. This does not include 9 diagonal moves as in each one counts as two. Minimum of three dice unless the starting dice is less than three.

-Barbed wire is impassible to infantry and non vehicle heroes. Infantry untis and heroes recieve soft cover alway unless the two corner rule.

Building Rules

-Buildings always give soft cover and when shooting at units through a solid wall the recieve hard cover.

-It takes two moves to climb up one level. The unit must be in the same square as the building to climb up levels.

-Units cannot shoot or assault between levels. ex. you cannot shoot a unit above or below you.

-Line of sight is blocked if a you are 2 x 1 on hieght. ex if you are two levels high you cannot shoot at 1 square infront of you.

-Walkers and vehicles cannot climb up levels.

-They cannot be in the same square unless the model can physically fit in the square without interupting the building.


-Trenches take one move to get in and two moves to get out. ex. The unit jumps in the trench but has to climb to get out.

-Shooting into or out of a trench give the target soft cover.

-Vehicles can only cross over a trench if there is a bridge to pass over. They cannot be in a trench.

-Vehicles and units can be in the same square if the vehicle is on a bridge but the unit is in the trench.

-Units under the bridge are blocked by line of sight if shooting or be shot at from out of the trench. ex a unit cannot be shot at if the unit is in front of them but if the unit is in the trench with them then they have line of sight.

-Rocket Launchers and Grenades roll an extra dice when shooting into a trench due to the units being in a trench and are organized closely together.

-Bridges cannot be destroyed.

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