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Indiana Jones scenario

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Following up on my recent Monterey Jack/Indiana Jones character, here is a full scenario to use him with. I think Indiana Jones makes for a good variant addition to the AH world, because he fits the time frame, is involved with supernatural things, and has a great sense of adventure and character and many unusual encounters.

I have not tried this out yet, so it's more theoretical than anything at this point, but I think it might work pretty well. I also updated the Indiana Jones character sheet to include his ophidiophobia. I figured it wasn't enough to include snakes in the scenario... Indy should have a particular problem with them.

And in true Indiana Jones franchise fashion, I'm already working on a sequel...






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 It looks fun ! :-)) I shall try

edit : I personaly like very much when the goal is not the gates (it changes really the game flow). So I like the idea of finding the orb. You may even try to get rid of the 6 seals to win (and make the orb finding more focused). I think, this would be great with the dark pharaoh as a touring exhibit.

anyway, that sounds like a good idea. I would recommend that you push it a little bit further into the gates-is-not-win direction. I have used several trick to ged away from the gates. For examples, I used them face-down to mimic either monster caves or cult headquarters (e.g.) so you do not "enter" the gates but only visit the cult or generate monsters. Any other solution would be good too. There is even a scenario where no gates appear on the board :-). Sadly, all these scenarios are in french. I only translated Rhapsody in blue some times ago. If you can read french, I can recommend that you have a quick look at:




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