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I forgott, that I prommised a few of the users here, to do such thing...


So let's see, what will be coming out the next months:

Shipping: December Release: January
CS1013 High Saint Elienai (Light/Church/Leader)
CS1015 Surpreme Inquisitor Romeo (Light/Church/Leader)
CS2020 Fallen Angel Ophiel (Dark/Samael/Leader)

Shipping: January Release: February
CS1017 Saint Hazael (Light/Church)
CS3019 XII (Neutral/Wissenschaft/Leader)
CS3015 Long Pao

Shipping: February Release: March
CS2022 Azur Agent (Dark/Azur Alliance)
CS2014 Ligori (Dark/Azur Alliance)
CS3021 Gemna (Neutral/Samael)

March Release: April
CS1016 Odin Goldsmith (Light/Empire)
CS3020 Surpreme Praetorian Griever (Neutral/Empire/Leader)
CS3017 Goethia (Neutral/Wissenschaft)

Shipping: April Release: May
CS1018 High Arbiter Arkeid (Light/Azur Alliance/Leader)
CS1019 Samael Agent (Light/Samael)
CS3022 Firedemon (Neutral/Summoning Creature)

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Elienai: Elienai is the most great and powerful of all the saints of the Church. For centuries, her mortally wounded body has been entombed in suspended animation in the depths of the sacred city of Albidion, while she projects her soul across the world save it from destruction

Romeo: Romeo Exxet, The Supreme Inquisitor, is the most pre-eminent figure in the Inquisition. His name is whispered with a mixture of fear and unconditional devotion. Every part of him, from one of its hairs to the last drop of his blood, emanates true power. As it was foretold in ancient times, he is the chosen of the light, the embodiment of the dynasties of the seven Beryls. Blessed since the instant of his birth, Romeo has always been a giant among ants. His natural presence is such that even the most powerful Inquisitors and elementals kneel before him and serve him as if his word is law

Ophiel: Ophiel Akerontes Zeros, favourite son of the darkness, is the youngest and most ambitious of all the lords of Samael. Despite being the last to join the Circle of Fallen Angels, in only two decades he has become on of the most powerful and active members of the Circle. He is a gloomy figure who enjoys using his shadowy network of agents to advance his agenda of absolute chaos

Hazael: Hazael, the predestined girl, is the only person in the almost thousand years of Abel history that has been declared a saint even before being born. She came into the world marked by one of the prophecies of Grimoire, who foretold centuries ago that Hazael’s powers would be indispensable in the darkest moments of the Church. The Saint has an innate talent for invocation and she is capable of calling sacred creatures with the same simplicity that others breathe. She does not possess intrinsic knowledge of rituals, nor does she need it; elements respond to her as though they where her old friends.

XII: Little is known about XII, the reserved and solitary supervisor of the Ravens of Wissenschaft. The majority of agents of the organization have never seen him, much less know him. He is a shadow that crawls in the dark, someone who appears inexplicably in different places of the world and leaves without a trace. Many say that he is no more than a ghost, a legend whose mantle is taken up by a different person over and over again

Li Long: Li Long, master and adoptive father of the Pao brothers, has initiated the search of his missing disciples after discovering the cause for the ir travel to distant lands.

Of course, he also finds this opportunity a great chance to test their skills against the warriors of foreign lands.

Azur Agent: In the Supreme Archon’s crusade to gain complete control over Gaïa, he has surrounded himself with the most unusual
of players and servants. These people, endowed with exceptional abilities and powers, make up his private army, the forces with which he plans to extend his power beyond the limits of man’s understanding.

Ligori: The Dark Executer of the High Arbiter Alistor, Ligori is a truly unstoppable killing machine. Addicted to pain and feeling only joy during the heat of battle, this deadly juggernaut is one of the most feared warriors of Azur.

Gemna: Gemna Pheriu Dhanyata is one of the few Devah left in the world, a true rarity even within Samael. Though she
has little combat skill, his mastery as a summoner knows no equal. Even the Fallen Angel Jigoku no Kami has
acknowledged that, with regard to the invocation of supernatural entities, Genma is his only rival.

Odin: Many say that there are people born with a special talent for war. With his almost seven and a half feet of height, chiseled musculature, and unbreakable spirit, Odin Goldsmith proves this maxim true. Over thirty years he has been present in every documented conflict and involved in hundreds of secret special operations. Today, at forty-six years old, he continues being the perfect soldier, an unstoppable fighting machine.

Griever: Griever, The Destroyer of the Eternal Flames, is a living myth. Personal guardian of the Empress, this unstoppable
man is no mere normal being; he is an ideal made flesh. Son of Baphomet, the last praetorian that guarded the
Giovanni dynasty, Griever was trained to be the final weapon of humanity, a man that can face both gods or devils
with his own hands.

Goethia: Goethia is the most modern of the Combat Gears developed by Wissenchaft. Using the science of the Lost Logias, this artifact of destruction is capable of devastating entire armies with its powerful technomagic weapons.

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Long Pao
Wanderer - Warrior - Level 50

Attack: 5
Damage: 3
Defense: 10
Armor: 0
Lifepoints: 12
Resistance: 10
Movement: 12/16
AP: 3/5

3 - Hundred fists (Ki, Attack)
+6 Damage.

3 - Gale of blows (Ki, Attack)
+3 Attack. If Gale of Blows causes any Damage, target unit losses one action counter. Effect 15.

1 - Flow like the wind (Ki, Dodge)
+3 Defense. Flow like the wind only works against Ranged Attacks. This skill can not be used if Long Pao is executing a shield maneuver.

3 - The last dragon (Ki, Attack)
+3 Attack / +2 Damage. Causes Throw.

the three dragons

Type: Plot
Characters: Li Long, Lin Pao and Jiang Pao
Level: +5

Li Long, Lin Pao and Jiang Pao forming a teamand get the following special abilities.

Jiang Paos additional ability
3 - Double-dragon-combo (Ki, Charge, Reactive)
As a reactive Action, Jiang can make a charge against the self unit, which get charged from Lin in the same round. The ability must be declared after the Charge from Lin get declared, but before the charge starts. If the Target get destroyed through Lins Charge, Jiang cannot move but have to pay the action counters.

Lin Paos additional ability
3 - Double-dragon-combo (Ki, Charge, Reactive)
As a reactive Action, Lin can make a charge against the self unit, which get charged from Jiang in the same round. The ability must be declared after the Charge from Jiang get declared, but before the charge starts. If the Target get destroyed through Jiangs Charge, Lin cannot move but have to pay the action counters.

collective additional ability
3 -  Heaven and earth (Ki, Attack)
+5 Attack / +5 Damage. Throw two dice and keep the highest. Heaven and earth can only be used against enemies, who is in hand to hand combat with all three team members. Every member of the team can use the ability, but the other too have to pay a actionmarker too. Limit: 1 per round

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Maximo Ligori

Warrior/Azur Alliance
Lvl: 45

Attack 5
Damage 8
Defense 8
Armor 1
LP 20
Resistance 9
Movement 6/10
AP 2/4

Critical Mastery

Addicted to Pain: Every time Maximo Ligori suffers damage in hand to hand he recovers an Action Point.

3 - Raxxor Slayer (Ki, Attack)
If Raxxor Slayer criticals, it deals double damage.

3 - Executor Gale (Ki, Attack)
Ligori attacks all enemy units in base to base contact with him.


Last Stand
Category All
Type Power
Cost +10 levels

When the owner has less then half his total life points, they gain +1 Attack and +1 Damage.

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