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question regarding the use of command tokens

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Hello all,

I've had Mutant Chronicles for roughly a year now, and have played as many games as possible - which hasn't been very many much to my regret.  However, on the upside of things, I've recently (fingers crossed) got one of my family members hooked on this great game and convinced him to purchase him own army/starter set during the holiday sale!  I got him to play a few games with me recently and here are, as the subject implies, my questions (thanks so much in advance for any replies):


a.) If I play a command card that can be bought back for, let's say, two silver command tokens, can I instead pay one gold command token and one bronze command token to equal the amount of actions supplied by the two silver command tokens (4 actions 2+2 or 3+1)?  

b.) Similarly, and probably solvable by the above question's answer, if I played a command card that could be bought back for one silver command token, could I instead pay one gold command token - surpassing the buy back price?


2. The rules state that at the end of a round a player may choose to keep a unit "on guard" into the following round so long as that unit has already been issued an unused guard action in the current round.  If the unit in question was issued a silver or gold command token to perform multiple actions in that turn - the last of which being the guard action - does that silver or gold command token need to remain on the unit in order for it to remain on guard or is it simply "to be understood" that the unit is on guard, or; may a bronze command token be substituted for the silver or gold command token to pay for the single guard action?



-M. Destroyo



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I am far from an expert at this but:

question 1) Can't be 100% sure but  I would say no. If the buy back price is 2 silver, you would need 2 silver. No substitutions or Rain checks allowed....

question 2) the silver or gold command token stays with the unit in order for it to remain on guard. So, you have to way the benefit of leaving a unit on guard, but costing you the order.




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