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NOOB HELP! any help would be much appreciated!

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 hey there everyone. im new to the Anima Tactics game and had my first full day of playing the starter kit a day ago. i also picked up two prowler minis, Kyler and Vayl and had a question about using one of their skills that involved being "hidden"


KYLER'S: Oblidion has to do with him being hidden so that he can use this skill. 


this is what i wanted to know:

when Kyler is hidden can he use an (1) AP to move into contact with an enemy and then drop (2) AP for the skill against the target. 


does an opponent have to move into contact with him. 


thanks for you help guys. 

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That answer is both... sorta

Normally yes, you spend 1AP and you can then make a move action having spent 1AP earlier in the maintenance phase to upkeep being hidden, you then spend 2AP for Oblidion.

You could also use Oblidion (or other similar technique) if your opponent moves into base contact with a hidden character though until the hidden character is the target of a successful Seek action or makes an attack the person in base contact with the character is not aware of the hidden figure and is not technically engaged with it.

Basically for Oblidion to work at the end of a move Klyer would have to during the previous round saved a point so he was at max.  Its pretty much the same for all Prowlers with an assassination technique.  After they make the attack they are basically defenseless, best to think of prowlers like a missile, they do terrific damage if they hit, occassionally they survive to move on and kill again but in the games I have watched and played that hasn't happened much.  Still, they are very effective at killing much harder opponents.

- Raith

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