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[Question] Loot on a Kroot?

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Greetings, RT GM!

for one of my next DH-Missions, I plan to introduce my player to some Kroot which work as Henchmen for unlicensed Fartrader hunting beast on il-famed Dusk. Fine thing: all of the players in my group have no idea of the Kroot so far.

My problem: while I now the Background from the 40K-TT-Game and from the RT, I am not quiet sure what loot these enemies would have with them.

I am not talking about  weapons & armor here!
I own "Into the Storm", I know the equipment. No, I would like to give them some ...well, personal items. Besides there meatknives. Any ideas what they could be carrying with them? I want to include something Imperial (to give the pc the proper link) but I would also like something strange and alien on them.

I came up with the following (mostly carried in a pouch fastend to the hip):

  • a small leater band around the neck with one animal fang (or claw).
  • a ball made of feathers sticked into something clay-like
  • a primitive whilste build from the case of a spent imperial rifle  bullet
  • a small bone (perhaps from a finger) skrimshawed with some alien signs
  • a small ring of wattled plant material
  • something that looks like a dried rat tail.. from a men-sized rat.
  • complete fingernails (looking human)
  • a small, polished metal aquila. wrapped into a piece of leather
  • a small mirror, seemingly of human fabrication

Any further ideas are welcome

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That has some pretty good stuff.

I particularly like the totems and the body paint.  These are mostly for the shamanistic shapers, but its not too hard to expand on that to other Kroot.

Items like totems of strange and xenos creatures might be interesting.  Especially if it helps prime the players for the appearance of a particularly nasty xenos beast you might be planning to spring on them later on down the line.

Also, small trinkets made of bone and other strange materials hanging from those spines that jut from the back of their skulls.  Perhaps some of the trinkets might actually have some minor value, or even be taken from fallen enemies and be quite valuable (Possibly things like wraithbone or various gem stones).

For more Imperial items you might consider some kind of cybernetics that the Kroot have ripped from their prey and turned into trophies.  Small items like cyber senses or even a malfunctioning Baleful Eye could be possibilities, depending on what you find appropriate.  Obviously the items would be tainted, but if the items are of particularly worthwhile craftsmanship it may be worth it to cleanse and refurbish them for service to humanity once more.  I think this possibility is quite appropriate for more "practical" loot drops.  Of course the items might come with some odd quirks having been in the hands of such xenos...

Other options might be things like unit crests and insignias taken from the dead.  Again, the value such things might have are very situational, but perhaps some high ranking officer items might be among them, with possible sentimental value either to the players, or to NPCs they know and favor.  Again, not something that necessarily has any direct material value, but could perhaps grant some social bonuses if used in an appropriate social situation.  Certain ministorum or AdMech items might have a similar effect.  Again, it depends on how much detail you want to add and how "into" the setting your characters are.


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 Depending on the past work of these particular Kroot, they might have any number of odd items, including some amount of the currency of their former employers.  For example, if they were working for the Orks at some point, some of the Kroot might still be carrying some Ork Teef, along with a selection of Orky glyphs and such.  

Or if they were working for some human civilization outside the regular Imperium, they might be carrying strange coinage, still valuable but very different from Imperial Thrones.  

That said, I very much like the list of odd, Totemic sort of objects you came up with on your own.  

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Hi Alabaster_Lizard; Hi BladeHate

thanks for your replies. And thanks for your input.  happy.gif

Consider the idea of a cybernetic eye attached to the "hair" of the Kroot to be taken. I emphasizes the grim-dark cannibal savages  feel I want to tack on them. While you consider value and  re-sale value in your ideas, this are rather trival for me at the moment. I try to use the loot in order to generate some feeling. If a pc yanks weapons, armour and valuables from a corpse, that is one thing. If there are some items on the corpse that emphasize that this person had a life or hint to the fact how bizarre or simple alien this life might have been... that´s what I am looking for. happy.gif I´ll have to read the story later, thank you for the link!

Coinage is a good option, it helps to emphasize that these xeno have some understanding of the concept of valuables... and that they have come a long way. I think I will give each of them a small pouch with some valuables. Anyway, I have to ensure that it isn´t getting to "clanky". After all & as far as I read, they are "creatures of the wild" first and will not burden themselves with trinkets making to much noise. At least not while out for hunting.

Besides some imperial coin, I thought about small, uncut gems, some perl-like pepples looking like blue marble and small, dark-yellow triangles made of some wobbly, plastic-like material.

@My items
Actually, I will have to remove the "case flute". I missed the fact that one needs lips to blow a flute, and the Kroot only have beaks. sonrojado.gif

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