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[Provided] Complications to spice up ship combat

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The following is one little option to spice up ship combat I wrote for the topic "Boring Ship Combat". Other might follow as I have have the time. GMs should please take note that all the rules presented here are intended to handle this one specific situation. Other daemons might have been to fight in different ways. Once confronted, the batle with the FrightShades should be kept short (less then 10 or perhaps just 5 rounds). If the battle seems to take longer, make a cut at this point, extrapolate damage taken by the pc from their own and go on with the next strategic round of ship combat

Enemy Tricks & Tactics: WarWitches
The enemy made foul pacts and ensured the help of a coven of warp witches housed in the bilges of the enemy ship. As the battle begins, the witches sacrifice slaves to summon up the power of the warp to harrow the RT´s ship. At the beginning of the second strategic turn, a number of horrifying daemons called FrightShades appear on the RT ship and begin to spread murder and terror among the crew.The effect is simulated by the rules below

Special Enemy Action:: Terror & Havoc: Each following strategic turn where the FrightShades are free to wreak terror and havoc, check their WP +10 for every additional daemon on board. On success, the crews moral drops by one point plus another point for every to level of success. If five level of success are achieved in one role, a component other then the bridge becomes inactive until the daemons are removed since the crew is unwilling stay in the area due to attacks of the daemons. The number of components “haunted” cannot be higher then the number of daemons onboard.

Special Action:: Blessing: Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) can be to lead ship priest and prayer in ritual to fend of these daemons from a certain area. The Explorer makes a hard (-20) test. Success “blesses” one component; each additional success can either be used to bless another component or to strengthen the “blessing” in one region. Since rituals are lengthy, this test takes to strategic turns.

Special Action:: Preaching: Scholastic Lore or Common Lore (Imperial Creed) can be used to give sermons (perhaps over the ships hailer system) to strengthen the souls of the crew and raise their trust into the God-Emperor. This starts as challenging(+0) based on Fellowship(and not INT!) test that gets one step more difficult for every strategic turns that those daemons had their way (had successful tests), but is performed before their test. Success raises the difficulty of the daemons Terror&Havoc test by one step for this strategic turn (two steps if three levels of success are achieved, three if five levels of success are achieved).

Special Action:: Daemon-Hunting: Those creatures try to evade a fight and try to terrorize the weak instead. But since they are unable to teleport, they can be hunted and cornered. The group for this deed needs to include someone with the Psyniscience skill (pc or crew-npc from the ranks of the astropatthic choir or the aids of the Navigator with crew-skill-level). This is an extended challenging(+0) test. Every three level of success enable the group to corner one daemon. Command might be needed to keep crew members from fleeing as the daemon attacks (challenging or worse). If

The Daemons: Fright Shades
Use stats for Ebon Geist, but the Fear Trait to 3 and reduce wounds to 15. Remove Toxic, Unnatural Speed, Unnatural Agility and the “Consume Life” trait. Add the “Consume Fear” and “Life by Fear” trait.

Consume Fear: For every sentient, living creature within WP meters around the FrightShade which suffers from the negative effect of a failed Fear test, the FrightShade recovers one wound.

Live by Fear: The FrightShade is unable to use its “Phase” Trait if there is no living, sentient creature under the negative effects of a Fear test within WP meters. If actively opposed by a sentient creature (combat; reciting of hymnes of banishment) and there is no such creature suffering from the effects of Fear within WP meters, the FrightShade will suffer 1d5 wounds without any reduction.

Knowledge is power: The abilites, weaknesses general abilities of the FrightShades can be known to any pc that passes a check for Forbidden Lore (Daemons) or Scholastic Lore (Occult). How difficult this test shall be is up to GM (who rules how commen lore about these FrightShades are in his universe. As a rule of thumb, the Scholastic Lore test should be at least one step more difficult then the Forbidden Lore check.

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Enemy Tricks & Tactics: Coordinated Fire
This is best used where a group of smaller ships (wolf pack raiders or similar) attack the RT. Give each an every of the attacker ships a veteran crew and they add +5 to their BS for every ship of their formation firing at the RT in the same strategic turn (+15 in total). They coordinated fire over Communications (and with the help of an ancient bridge component) to great avail. Do not tell the pc outright, so!

At the end of each strategic turn, allow every pc an ordinary(+10) test for Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis). If one of the pc is a Voidmaster with Mastery of Gunnery, this pc can test for Intelligence(+0) instead. As soon as somebody succeeds, it is clear that the enemy fire is so efficient since the ships coordinate their fire.

If the Explorers use Jam Communication on one ship, this ships (and this ship alone) looses the benefit and does not count to the total of coordinating ships anymore (see above).
Unless it was the ship that includes the commander that pulls the stringes from his ship with a the special bridge component. Which ship this is can either be guessed with a trial and error or two level of success on the Focused Augery action (performed once for each ship. GM should feel free to fudge thing so that it won´t be the first ship the Explorers scan).

Salvaging the component:
If the bridge isn´t destroyed outright, the pc might try to salvage the component. Doing so without damaging it and/or leaving vital parts behind is handled like an Explorator challenge [Tech-Use; Forbidden Lore (Archeotech); Common Lore(Tech); Logic;Trade(Technomant)] and is Taxing (6 success needed).
If the pc succeed, the get salvage the component and can sell it to the Mechanicus or somebody else, adding up to 100 Achievement points to any actual Trade Endeavour. If they do not succeed, they damage the component or simply miss/ignore vital parts. The component can still be sold, but doing so will only add up to 50 Achievement points to any actual Trade Endeavour.


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