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Before effects of armour & FAQ

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After more than a year without playing descent I'm reading all the rules and FAQ to start a new RtL campaign, but I don't understand this FAQ entry.

Q:Timing of "before applying the effects of armor": At
what step of the attack sequence does this occur? This
becomes an important interaction during Guard orders
and in the case of Knockback and Divine Retribution. For
example: If a linger effect token such as Web is given out
during a Guard order and the monster figure survives the
attack, does the web token immediately take effect and
therefor prevent the monster from spending movement
A: Other effects take place after wounds are dealt. In
the example given, the lingering effect token wound
immediately take effect.


What are other effects? Is refering to any effect not listed under lingering effects or something else I don't know?

Most of the lingering effects are applied before taking wounds AFAIK, aren't they?


Is there any place where all the GLoAQs are written in one page?

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The example doesn't seem to match the question; it looks like two questions somehow got accidentally merged or something.

First, there was an argument about whether "before the effects of armor" was just clarifying that the requirement for triggering the ability was >0 damage, as opposed to >0 wounds (after armor is deducted), or whether it was a timing instruction that somehow meant that the effects were inserted into the attack sequence between the time you calculated damage done and the time you subtracted armor to calculate wounds inflicted.  The FAQ basically says it's the former; you resolve knockback and add effect tokens after wounds are inflicted, if it matters (see also the question on Knockback and Divine Retribution on page 5 of the FAQ).

Secondly, it seems to be asking a question about Web.  Technically, the rules for Web in the rulebook state that if you fail to remove all your Web tokens when you roll for them at the beginning of the turn, then you can't spend movement points for the rest of that turn.  Some people suspected that was supposed to mean that you can't spend movement tokens while you have web tokens on you, which is normally the same, but gives a different result if you gain or lose any web tokens during your own turn.  The FAQ appears to be saying it's the latter; if you gain a Web token during your turn (e.g. from a Guard attack), then that stops you from spending any further movement points, even though you don't roll for it until your next turn (which makes Guard attacks with Web very powerful).

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Yes, most effects (excluding Poison) take place if they cause damage... not wounds. They've stated that damage is total injury before applying armor, while wounds are health actually lost.

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