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Orks in a Deathwatch Game...

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Having read the Deathwatch rule book pretty much cover to cover, I havent found ANY stats for Orks, or any specific rules for how to make them....

So I propose that there be a generalised rule for making Orks for our Space Marines to face in the Jericho Reach.

I was thinking...

WS - 2d10+35  |  BS - 2d10+20  |  Str - 2d10+35  |  Tg - 2d10+35  |  Ag - 2d10+25  |  Int - 2d10+15  |  Per - 2d10+20  |  Wp - 2d10+15  |  Fel - 2d10+10

Armour : Head- 0 | Body- 6 | Arms- 0 | Legs- 4

If Anybody had any other ideas about it, then just shout out...

Now, obviously there are some Orks that are bigger and badder than others, so obviously you would factor that in when creating bigger Orks like Nobz, Mega Armoured Nobz and Warbosses... or even Wyrd Boyz, but  the variations of standard Orks like Burna Boyz and Shoota Boyz would just have specialised weapons in my opinion.

Ork melee weapons would be things like :

Ork Choppa / (Dmg) 1d10+4 / (Pen) 2 / Rending / (Spc Rls:) Unwieldy, Primitive.

Powa Claw / (Dmg) 2d10 / (Pen) 7 / Energy / (Spc Rls:) Unwieldy, Power Field.

If anybody has any other ideas for Ork Weapons or Stat generators then I would appreciate them posting them up here for us to share and use XD

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The descriptions of Boyz, Grots, and Nobs, plus Orky equipment, is a few pages long, so I doubt you'll get anyone here to try transcribing it for you. I suggest asking around at your local game store for someone who can Xerox those pages for you.

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