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[Provided] Additional Ruins of the Golden Valley for "Fall from Grace" (RT Contest Candidate)

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Hi all,

I just skimmed over "Fall from Grace" and while not an RT but a DH gamer, I must say I like it. Here are some additional Ruins (although nobody requested them).

[The Tower of Lord and Lady Elamy]
A grand tower which elaborate reliefs suffered from weather but seems otherwise rather untouched. Doors are in place, windows are covered by shutters. Auspex reading will tell that their is an active energy source beyound the tower, An onsite scan will reveal a small amount of radiation in the tower and the surroundings, so. 

As the pc approach, they will be hailed via a very loud vox system. "Halt! Stay put and announce your self or the defence systems will be activated. Announce your self with a loud hailer or via Com Frequenz 88204" The voice sounds mechanical. If the pc do announce themself, there will be a brief moment of silence. Just as the pc are going to try something else, an answer will come "(Name of RT) is greeted in the name of Lord and Lady Elamy. (RT) and an entourage of (number of remaining pc plus 2) are invited to enter. Please honour leave unnecessary arment behind.

Lord and Lady Elamy where tech-worshipper and had to escape from the Imperium for their pro-Technological views. As things went downhill, the civilized couple decided that they prefered honourable suicide before live in barbarismen. After weeks where they holed up in their servitore controlled home they decided to poison each other and die together, making this place their tome. However, a number of their Simulacra-Servants and other Semi-Intelligent Apparatus are still in function where the Servitors often failed for lack of nutrition for their organs. 

The pc will be greated by a friendly Simulacra who will accompany them to the top of the Tower. It will freely talk to the pc, being a semi-Ki, chatting about how long it was since the last guests where to show up and how unsecure this world had become. It has no idea about what is going on out-sight. But he is happy to see "people". Atop of the tower is a glas doom which shutters he will open. The skeletons of Lord and Lady Elamy are still in the chairs where they viewed their last sundown with a glas of poisoned Quaddis Wine. 

If the pc try to loot the power, the security will kick in. Locks are hard to pick and all the remaining intelligent systems will turn hostile. While dangerous, the looting is profitable due to a lot of heretical gadgets and works found in here... if one finds a way of selling them.

[The wild garden]
Another derelict manse is nearly completely covered by a greyish, thorny plant. This the most dominant xeno plant of the great garden of the house. Once it´s inhabitants got eaten by the Ravenours, the plant growed unchecked. The thorns are highly poisenous and cut like sharpend daggers. And they are numerous. Inside, fruits can be found which are ediable and smell tasty (willpower not to try to eat one). Near these are plant tentacles which pull a victim onto the thorns. The corspe is later handed from one bush of tentacle-lianes to another, to the center (the old garden) where the plant roots. It uses the corpses as fertilizer. 

If the pc torch down the plant, the whole ruin will suffer from fire. If the moved forward till they reach the inner garden, they can gain "dormant sappling" which will sell for a high prize. With a hard test for a relating Lore Skill, a pc can know all of this. Test becomes difficult if the pc wittnessed the fruits and the plant "in action".
The fruits which can be found at some places are ediable, but near them are the tentacles that will draw the

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Thank you for the input, Gregorius21778 - both seem very appropriate for the scenario. But the latter entry seems to have been cut short?

In any case, as the author of Fall From Grace, I'll gladly read feedback and new ideas for the scenario. Feel free to post comments for the adventure in this thread.

I must admit that the 10 000 word maximum length was surprisingly limited. I ended up cutting out a few locations and encounters as well as more detailed descriptions for the NPCs. As such, the Grace Gazetteer does not provide much as much additional detail as I would have wanted and most of the NPCs ended up using templates from the RT rulebook instead of more detailed stats. Also cut out was a system for marking the passage of time while exploring the systemand more in-depth interactions with rival traders.

Nevertheless, it's out there now - feel free to play it or cannibalize (har har) parts of it for your campaigns!

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Hi Sinsalo,

glad that you like it. Indeed, I was in a bit of rush since I am actually only able to write during my breaks (at work). **** internet providers. Once you switch...

Anyway: If you do  have further material that ended on the cutting room floor, how about providing them over this forum? After all, they weren´t part of your submission, so should be free to do with them as you please (if I did not miss anything in the subscription details).

I am sure a lot of people would welcome your (now unofficial) addendums and extras.

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Incidentally, i'm using 'Fall from Grace' with my group right now.


modifications made:


1. expanded details of the 'eris transform'/cult activity on the planet.  that estate is now inhabited by a small cult of slannesh cultists and their children.  the cult leader is accompanied at all times by his bound concubines, two stunningly beautiful women possesed by daemonettes of slaanesh.  the estate is beautifully preserved, children playing in the wonderful surroundings....a seemingly perfect picture of privileged life.  just don't look too closely at the children or what exactly they're 'playtime' incorporates.  and the place scares even the ravenous away. 

2. expanded details of the ship 'Widening Gyre'.  specifically, more details on the types/kind of daemonic entities that players will encounter (stole stat lines from Dark Heresy).

3. added in tech cult advocates of the Logicians.  Modified mechanicus ship captain to be tolerant of tech heresy.  tech cultists will attempt to bribe both that ship and the party in order to barter passage off Grace Prime.

4. additional complications - Inquisition has directed the players to find and eliminate a known heretic.  their patron is also a radical Istavaanian of the Ordo Hereticus.  he wants the captain of their ship to recruit as many survivors of grace prime as shock troops and transport them to Footfall for further training and screening.



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sinisalo said:

weaver95 said:


Incidentally, i'm using 'Fall from Grace' with my group right now.




I request - nay, demand! - an after action report once you've done. I hope you enjoy the Fall.


we're on break until after thanksgiving and we'll pick back up next week.  I'll put something up after we're done.  right now they've just jumped in system and dealt with the Ork raiders around Teardrop.

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I ran my group through a modified version of Fall from Grace not that long as well. Closest I've come to actually following an adventure module, but I couldn't resist tweaking it.


The Claiming of Grace by the Von Maccon Dynasty. This may be a long post.

Negotiations with Lady Chorda were played up on Footfall, introducing her as a major NPC for the future using Edge of the Abyss. The party Senechal, in particular, taking a lot of convincing that "I'm fed up with this place and retaking it would be a distraction" was the extent of her motivation. The cargo from the adventure was replaced by four stasis arks, their nature yet to be determined by the explorers (I was distinctly surprised they didn't open them). Their contents will remain undetermined until I want to tie the party into a future development. The dynasty leveraged their already built up connections amongst the pilgrims of Grace to supplement their house troops with a pilgrim militia and colony crew.

I also added renaming Port Chorda as a requirement of the Writ of Claim, because it struck me as the sort of thing that would annoy her.

I cut out the idea of the Dagger of Fate being lost, set the players against a fortified and Orkified station that had been hovering in orbit. The Orks had pounded the main orbital defence laser complex, but had sustained damage in return. Point defence sites managed to hold off the sporadic attempts at boarding. The Senechal and Astropath took a small team into the underbelly to track down the cargo while the Rogue Trader and Navigator lead a large boarding action.

Particularly amusing to me was the leading Ork’s response to a challenge to come forth from behind the fortified main engineering core’s great vault doors and face them, so that the orks would charge headlong into a carefully prepared ambush. He opened the doors, leaving them to move in on him and face his ambush.

The Ork ship, was not present, the Orks onboard the station having had a falling out. In the end it ended up hunted down off-screen by the dynasty’s ship due to other things provoking more interest from the players.

Port Chorda was portrayed as a dictatorship lead by Giallo and his army of madmen, but still a fairly large city. They bypassed most of the invasion here in one fell swoop by arriving in orbit and inviting the director up to a state dinner. With the personality I was working from (megalomaniac cannibal with delusions of eloquence) and a starship with planetary bombardment capability in orbit his intention was to bluff the explorers into a position where he could turn matters to their advantage. They got the idea that something was up, isolated and socially cowed the accompanying flunkies and ended up with Giallo imprisoned (and the city decapitated) before they even set foot on the planet (I was not expecting this, but rolled with it).

Dynastic troops landed en masse after a staggeringly brilliant (seriously, they roll very well at times my guys) public broadcast announcing the benevolent rule of Prinz Erhardt Von Maccon. By dropping thousands of troops to key positions and immediately setting up relief stations, the population was quickly on their side and Giallo’s army was still hunkered down trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

The Golden Valleys were sought out. I’ve got a list of what was found there, but the main point is that on the one occasion where they met significant resistance and a lack of communication the Rogue Trader and Navigator promptly got back on their shuttle and left, to return later with a full strike force when matters at Port Chorda were resolved.

Offworld opposition took the form of the Disciples of Ravana, a Mechanicus splinter group, who arrived after the explorers (ridiculous warp navigation on their part). They managed to prevent a landing by sending a battered Mechanicus cruiser away with its tail between its legs, all the while presenting this as a loyal Imperial captain protecting his lawful interests. Great ass covering on their part.

With Gallo’s troops having fortified themselves, and not willing to get involved in a bitter war, they gave them a choice: surrender to the new benevolent authority or take up in one of the abandoned enclaves where they would be free to do as they pleased. A significant number did surrender, but most were exiled.

At this point the ship took a short hop out-system to Damaris, leaving the garrison and returning with supplies. Supplies that included the supply of nerve gas they would dump into the air filters of the isolated underground enclave where Gallo’s chief lieutenants and fiercest holdouts were holed up. The same supply run also provided parts needed for restoring the Dagger of Fate and starting the repair and upgrading of Port Chorda’s hydroponics farms.

The Wydening Gyre’s presence was provided by Lady Fulci, along with other useful information, in exchange for an offworld estate. Somewhere with a food surplus for export, where she would have fortified walls, a vegetable garden, and a new arm. The ship was retaken, with only a little bit of daemonic incursion, and now serves as the dynasty’s second vessel.

I think that’s most of it. I liberally strewed both plot hooks and assorted nifty stuff around the enclaves, while setting up Grace as a full and self-sufficient colony has been a background project for the players over the next several sessions (the game is becoming annoyingly irregular of late). Items of particular interest were the corpse and wargear of a Sons of Medusa Space Marine Chaplain in the manufactory-enclave of Archmagos Davix and considerable armour in the fortress of Omnipotent Battle Commander Gyvan the First (who, it seems, should have spent less on battletanks and more on food production, because his estate was as abandoned as most of the others).

The Signal Station didn't actually get used, or indeed looked for, and that being the case I shall keep this for the list of interesting things their planetary governor will have been having to deal with while they went off galavanting around the galaxy.


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