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Rules question: heroes/monsters???

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Hi there, I just bought Cave Troll and I was wondering if you guys would mind answering a few questions I have about the rules... some of them are unclear to me.


1- On all the Artifact cards, when they use the words "hero" or "heroes" in the description, do they mean heroes/monsters?? Like, can I use the Cloak of invisibility on a monster? or use the orc-killing sword in a room where I only have a monster and no "heroes"?  can I revive a monster with the chalice? How do you guys play?

2- Same thing goes for the Orc, it says "you can discard one hero in this room". Is that a hero/monster?? for example: can an orc kill another orc or a wraith? or can it just kill "heroes"?

At first, every time I saw the word "hero", I would ONLY apply the effect to heroes... but then, I saw an example in the instruction booklet where he uses a wraith to push an ORC out of a room... yet on the wraith's card, it says " you may push one hero out of the room" so that REALLY messed me up.... are monsters heroes or not?? sometimes they use the terms "hero or monster" and sometimes they just use "hero"... but as I mentioned, on the wraith card they only use the word "hero" but he can push an orc, that lead to the questioning of the term "hero" on EVERY card in the game... please help lol! Thanks!

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Here's how we play.  "hero" means hero (round base), not "monster" (square base).  When describing both the rules say "heroes or monsters"

Orcs can only discard heroes.  He'll never discard a knight however.

The wraith cannot enter a room with a knight in it since "When your knight is in a room, none of your opponents' heroes or monsters (except their knights) may enter the room. 

If the wraith is already in the room when the knight enters, however... he CAN push the knight with an action. The wraith CANNOT push monsters (or the barbarian) however.

Your point about the example wraith pushing the orc is a good point.  I just choose to ignore it. ;)

Cave Troll is awesome!  I haven't won yet, but still love it!

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