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Movement blocks, Assembly bans, Sieges

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Hi, our group have played some WK games and there are some questions I can't answer throught the rulebook and F.A.Q. We are playing with C&G expansion.


Movement blocks

There is an agenda card which allows nobles to move 4 road areas and 2 hexes without roads. There is also Warhorse Equipment advancement which gives you the option to move nobles two areas.

There is a rule that doesn't allow players to move through an hex containing another player's noble or city. This rule is intended originaly for road movement only (though the agenda card was included at the basic game) as is the only way that could happen, but what about those cards above?

1) Could a noble at a hex without roads block another one?

2) What about if one of the hexes contain a road but the noble is not doing a road movement?

I would say yes to both because I can't find anything at the rulebook stating that block can just be done with road movement but it's a bit strange.


Banned from the Assembly

3) Could a baron discard the Raze a City agenda card for example, by storming out of the Assembly or he could just do it for agendas that target him?

Charges, motions, and offices must be refused as soon as
they are passed by the Assembly. Discard the Agenda if
it targets the Baron
. Under this circumstance, the infuriated
Baron immediately storms out of the Assembly and
is immediately banned from the Assembly. He may not
vote on any further Agendas.

(Emphasis mine)

4) Can a baron banned from the assembly still obey the laws which favours him? For example

The law wich grants you 10 crows when taking overseas cities or the card wich makes the mercenary hiring free.

5) Could that player keep his current charges and offices from his nobles and be given new ones?

 I would say yes to this one because the rulebook doesn't say anything about it, but need confirmation of a experienced player.



The rulebook states that a noble can't be placed on a besieged city and nobles at besieged cities could not receive mercenaries. But I have some questions.

6) Could a defender noble under siege recruit Town Levies?

7) Can a player place Garrison troops on a sieged city?


My basic game is in spanish and I recently found that they ommited the following rule at the 6th step of the unkeep phase:

Finally, troops may also be transferred between Nobles in the same area,[..]

8) Can you exchange troops between nobles in the same area as you want or if one of them have a casualty token you must do the same as at the Receiving Troops During Movement section? i.e. if one of them have a casualty token all his armies and casualty tokens go to the other noble.


Thanks you in advance.

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Oficial answers by Corey Konieczka:

1) Yes, a noble may always block movement of other nobles moving through him (regardless of if a road is present).

2) Yes (see above).

3) No.A baron can only ignore the effect of an Agenda that is targeting him.

4) No.

5) No.

6) No.

7) No.

8) You must follow all of the same rules for transferring troops. That is, all casualty tokens and armies go to the other noble.



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