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Drop Bear

42nd MFS Section B

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Ok, got all kind of weirdness cooking in my brain ATM, one that hit me as I slept was what would Section B of Capitan Mac-Neal's band of cohorts look like? for Grunts there would be your mixed bag of Alpha, Delta and Omega Commandos, but what of the Team Leaders?

anyway I've hit on the following, just names and backgrounds so far.

Lieutenant Cord Stone, came up as an Alpha Commando, not as sharp as the Capitan (but not by much) he's quicker on his feet and perhaps a touch tougher. Packs a Flash Gun, has a HB-3 Visor (Dropped to open up an option on the Command Pack). Don't know what to give him as a special item though, skills Hand to Hand, Stragety, Command & Nerves of Steel.

Corporal Alex Fox, originally a Omega Commando, she can and will kick your ass, HtH, Athletics, Dexterity and Sneak skills. her Special Item is a Sword she nicked during the Castle Ksiaz raid, she carries a Trench-gun or a S&W 1917.

Sergeant Marty "Tiger" Chen, Weapons & Technical Specialist, Airborne Demolition Squad, HtH, Engineering, Mechanics and Weaponry skills. Again stuck for special item but armed with a MK-19-A1.

also cooking up a Bonus (non 42nd Union) Character with HtH Reasoning, Archaeology & Nerves of Steel

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These heroes sounds really good.

If one day there are new other heroes (after Hassbinger, Oksana,...), I 'd like FFG take them from "Field Ops", a card-game with the same background of Tannhauser. In Field Ops, there is for example, Sakho Aponi, the sister of Tala, if I remember the forum of Take On You....

Waiting for that moment, I take customs from TH-fans or I try to make myself (The Hurricane Alpha in a previous post).


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