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Drop Bear

Panzatroopen & Commando Omega

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OK working on my first home brew troops for revised ed, don't know when the official Commando Omega is due out so I'm cooking up one of my own as a place holder, also doing a Panzatroopen for the Reich.


Commando Omega




Hand to Hand Combat


Special Object: Close Quarters Expert, For each Natural 10 rolled in Melee combat roll an additional dice, do not roll further additional dice if natural 10's occur.

Combat Pack: S&W 1917, Combat Knife, Keep Moving.

Stamina Pack: S&W 1917, Combat Knife, Go! Go! Go!.

Command Pack: S&W 1917, Combat Knife,  Fox Platoon


Fox Platoon: The members of Fox Platoon stand out even amoungst the ranks of the Omega Commandos when it comes to Hand to Hand combat. Ability you may re-roll the characters two lowest dice (including natural 1's) in melee combat, but if you do so you must except the new results.


Bonus Tokens

Tough as Nails: the during their extensive hand to hand combat training Omega Commandos learn how to take a beating often shaking off wounds that would cripple other men. Ability For each Natural 10 rolled on a Shock roll you may roll an additional dice, do not roll further additional dice if natural 10's occur.


Lightning Reflexes: Faster than the untrained eye can see Omega Commandos rarely come off second best in close quaters combat . Ability Omega Commandos may counter attack any attacker in adjasent circles without spending Command Points.


Panzatroopen to come.

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Hand to Hand

Special Object: Gefectspanzer, A combination of laminated metal plates and steel mesh mystically reinforced with occult sigials and runes it affords slimmer protection to the Union BG-42 vest but using only terrestrial materials and U-World energies. Hardware: If you roll a Natural 10 on any shock roll to resist an attack with a Pistol Weapon or Automatic Weapon, all attack roll successes are canceled.


Combat Pack: Mauser C96, Stielhandgrenate,  Extra Ammo

Stamina pack: Mauser C96, First Aid kit, Vitamultian

Command Pack: Mauser C96, The Dragons Teeth, Elite


Vitamultian: A potent cocktail of pain killers and stimulats that when taken in high doses allows the user to act with almost supernatural abilities, but the drugs components are each highly addictive and even short term use can cause serious mental and physical health problems. Hardware until the end of the players next round the character acts as if unwounded and with a +1 Value to all Characteristics.


The Dragons Teeth: or more correctly Drachenzahn are a brotherhood of Panzertroopen who specialise in brutal assaults, their Elite skills and Esprit d' Corps are almost legendary.  Rank Discard this token to add 1 command point to your sides pool once per game.


Elite: Through either natral ability or extensive training some have that little bit extra that mark them as Elite. Ability add one dice to all the characters dice pools.

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