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What could happen in 100 years?

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My group is taking a temporary break from RT while we try out some other games, but we want to pick back up playing again in a few months. When we do, I want to have an awesome adventure planned. In considering what to do, I've decided I'd like to see about jumping ahead around 100 years. I decided I'd like to do this for a few reasons.

-Some of the players aren't going to be there anymore, including our rogue trader, and another one or two players will be joining. This would allow us to easily justify why various characters are gone, as well as how these other important characters (the new players) have been around for a while. In addition, some of the current players want to make new characters.

-There are also some important story elements from our last big adventure that come into play.

     -We had been working under the direction of Inquisitor Staven Arcturos (Radical's Handbook), and upon our last return to Port Wander, we found ourselves accused of Heresy for working with that radical, and had to go on the run.

     -Prior to that, in an unexpected turn of events, our Arch-Militant let himself get possessed by a Daemon, mutated into a horrific and powerful being, and then freed from the control of the daemon while maintaining the awesome powers (I gave him one shot at rolling a natural 1 on a WP test, and he did it. Yeah, unexpected), and then taking over a second starship we'd acquired and running away.

That last point is what I'd decided I want our next big adventure to be about. 100 years have gone by and our old buddy-turned-daemon has built up a cult following in the Koronus Expanse and a bit into the Calixis Sector, and it's up to us to catch him.

What I need help with is knowing what kind of things should have changed in those hundred years? On a whole, we'll assume the situation throughout the Imperium is generally the same, but I'm wondering what kind of changes would occur in three areas:

1- The Koronus Expanse - How much more should be explored and tamed? Could we only expect a few more planets to be a part of the Imperium now, or should there be dozens?

2- Within the Dynasty - After being branded as Heretics, how could a RT dynasty possibly avoid the Inquisition? Is there a way that they could be back in at least relatively good standing, so that they don't have to run at the first sign of the Imperium? Also, onboard the ship, what should have changed? We'll have a new Rogue Trader. What kind of complications would that turnover of power be accompanied by, and how long would they last?

3- The Daemon's Cult - How would our Daemon friend go about building up a following? How would he avoid being destroyed or at least beaten into submission by a more powerful Daemon? While still human, he held some bitterness towards the Imperium. Would that likely still exist, or would it be replaced by a generally chaotic hate for everything?

Sorry this post was a bit long. I appreciate any suggestions.

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 Well first of all I like the idea of doing things in the future, after we finish our current RT game I plan on taking many of the characters and using them as NPC's ina  Dark Heresy game 150 years later. 


As for the timeline of things you have to remember that most people of the RT level of power in 40K live a LONG time, like centuries. Given i don't know anything about your particulair game I can't really totally help, but for for one thing some of the previous characters (if not all of them) don't have to die. They can still be alive and kicking and doing pretty fine (as discussed in another thread the real impact of age doesn't really hit msot rich and pwoerful epoiple until they hit like 3 or 400). 

As for the state of the Koronus Expanse I would say probably a dozen maybe two dozen worlds throughout mostly Winterscale's Realm and the Foundling Worlds would have been reclaimed by the Imperium proper, but not much more than that. Remember that the Imperial machine is VERy slow  and while many worlds may be thriving and trading with eachother or a few trusty rogue traders most of those same rogue traders will probably not be trying to conquer them or bring them into the Imperial fold mainly because it is expensive, time consuming, and in many cases a waste of money. It is far easier to trade with them then try and conquer them, and while technically they are suposed to be reclaiming them for the Imperium most will not or simply fail at it, after all these worlds have surbvived for milennia without Imperial interdiction and so can put up a pretty good fight against anyone. 


As for the price of heresy, it really depends on how big the dynasty was before Inquisiitorial investigation. If the dynasty was rich, large, and pwoerful they most liekly will be able to use the PC rogue trader as a sacrificial lamb and throw him and his crew to the big I while the rest of the dynasty apologizes profusely, does an in hosue investigation, maybe offers some shiny trinkets or favorable deals with the Ordos Calixis, and continues on its merry way. If the PC rogue trader was the head of the dynasty and the dynasty was small well most likely it will be almost entirely eliminated with maybe a few heirs escaping the purge, but will be a shadow of its former self and most likely will fail in a few centuries. But the rule of thumb is the bigger the organization and the more powerful the weaker the Inquisition becomes in comparison.


As for the cult, well your trusty half-demon has the advantage over many demons that he can walk around the material world no problem showing tangible power. Given a little persuasive skills and the right disenfranchized audience and you hav an easy root for a cult on any world, especially the non-Imperial ones in the Expanse. Add to that a particualir aspect, since he is an arch-militant I am assuming a martial bent, and you have a better target audience, pirates, mercenaries, etc. Now you have a very powerful very well trained cult basis (especially with the archmilitant's guidance) ready to carve a pocket empire in the expanse. If you want a good breeding ground that provides a potentially powerful military pressence as well, have him set up shop/take over and unify Antiquity. With their huge pirate fleets unified unde a single demonic baddy they can provide a very real threat to Imperial security in the area and even to Port Wander/Footfall. 


Hope this was helpful. 

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