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The Final Alliance (Team Thread)

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Hello to all forum members and members of this team...

We are another Team on the Kingdom Hearts forums and we are always welcoming new people in... and the older members are still welcome to come back as well...

We were originally 2 seperate teams... "The Knights of Heart" and "Team Final Fantasy", until about a year ago we decided to merge and become one entire group.


So our Leaders are as follows:
L1. Digi_Dude_78
L2. Namflow
L3. Riku_Fangirl
L4. Khaosknight

Members include:
M1. nightmaretown770
M2. Xabers
M3. K-ral
M4. Master~Riku
M5. blasphemous_hero / suzaku_phoenix
M6. demonofturks
M7. 43710r9drum84k8dud35
M8. finalform13
M10. Blasterjoe
M11. Mysticwarriormj
M12. ccooldudecool
M13. Junito
M14. AlexKid36
M15. SecretRare
M16. roxas keyblade master
M17. sungtrs
M18. sora09
M19. Roxas09
M20. sleepshooter01

If you are interested in joining/ re-joining, please make a post here and I will update the thread as often as I can...


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Yeah basically thats what happened.

You can still access them for two weeks to get any important threads you have. there is a link in the Hallow Bastion section I beleive.

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Umbreon changed his screen name again... and who is this blasphemous_hero guy I see re-joining...

Also... how do you EDIT posts????

Confusing... but until I know how.... I won't be updating our member list....

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