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Lovecraft Anthologies?

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 Hey guys, 

Not 100% sure this relates to Reference Materials per say.

The only Lovecraft book I have is the Necronomicon : Best of Weird Tales. (Found here: javascript:void(0);/*1285653390531*/ )

It contains the following stories:

  • Night-Gaunts (Poem)
  • Dagon
  • The Statement of Randolph Carter
  • The Doom that Came to Sarnath
  • The Cats of Ulthar
  • The Nameless City
  • Herbert West - Reanimator
  • The Music of Erich Zann
  • The Lurking Fear
  • The Hound
  • The Rats in the Walls
  • Under the Pyramids
  • The Unnamable
  • In the Vault
  • The Outsider
  • The Horror at Red Hook
  • The Colour Out of Space
  • Pickman's Model
  • The Call of Cthulhu
  • Cool Air
  • The Shunned House
  • The Silver Key
  • The Dunwich Horror
  • The Whisperer in Darkness
  • The Strange High House in the Mist
  • The Dreams in the Witch-House
  • From Beyond
  • Through the Gates of the Silver Key
  • At the Mountains of Madness
  • The Shadow Over Innsmouth
  • The Shadow Out of Time
  • The Haunter of the Dark
  • The Thing on the Doorstep
  • The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
  • The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
  • To a Dreamer (Poem)

Can anyone suggest any other Anthologies to help complete the collection? Granted the book is good for starters, but we all know he wrote a bit more than this handful. So which books do you guys own :) It'd be great help to know where to find more of the stories - thanks. :)

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This wouldn't probably answer properly to your question, but I think it's a book that could be of great interest, for you or some of our forumites:

this is only the first book in a series of omnibus deluxe editions which will feature collected works of Blackwood, Poe, Hodgson and Belknap Long.
Now, I have to win the national lottery...

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A certain Lovecraft fan has actually put together a complete collection in eBook formats compatible with all popular readers at  It's free and actually a better-formatted collection than any of the paid ones I've found.

Amazing as it is considering the influence he had, Lovecraft only wrote 63 works as an adult, many of which are poetry, nonfiction, or very short ("Azathoth" runs about a page.)  Some collections pad the number via either including things that he wrote very young that don't bear much resemblance to the rest of his work or via including collaborations with others or Cthulhu Mythos stories by other authors.  So it's actually pretty quick to read the complete works of Lovecraft.

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