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Mission Generator

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I've put together a random mission generator for Dark Heresy. It uses MS Excel 2007, and I've done it without the use of macros so there's no threat of virus or other nasties.


The following things are generated:

  • Threat (Within, Without, Beyond)
  • Duration (How long the threat has been around, ranging from New to Perpetual)
  • Consequence (What will be the outcome if the threat is not neutralised)
  • Level (The primary instigator of the threat from Scum to Ruling Class)
  • Type (What aspect of the planet is the target, such as Ecclesiarchy, Military, Production etc)
  • Connection (Whether the problem is part of a bigger conspiracy)
  • Group Operation (How the instigating group operates, such as through subversive or threatning practices)
  • Leader Personality (A simple key point for how the leader of the group may be role played)
  • Leader Motivation (As above)
  • Leader Name (Something to make the GM's job a slight bit easier, also gives the sex of the main antagonist)
  • Daemon Name (If appropriate)
  • Location Name, Type, System and Notes (Details of the planet/space station etc using the FFG resources)


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 Well, I just downloaded and used the generator to make a pretty interesting sounding adventure (Communist revolution on Thical).

I would post what I wrote up on it, but these damned boards seem to be impossible to paste to... Oh well.

Good job on this generator! I would recommend everyone download this as it is a brilliant way to build adventures.

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