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Brand new player, having a tough time. Ongoing questions!

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19. Flying monster movement. So lets say a gate opens, and a flying monster comes through. He doesn't move that round because the mythos card doesn't have it's dimensional symbol.


Does the flying monster stay there?

Or does it go up in the sky only when it get's to move?

Does it only attack people in the street when it moves?

What happens if you evade it?

If it comes down to attack you, I am guessing in the monster movement phase, you don't recieve any damage do you? I am thinking you wait until the movement phase then either evade it or fight it, then do the horror check and enter combat. The rule book didn't go into much detail about this mechanic!

A flying monster movement rules are connected to the dimensional symbols appearing on the Mythos card, so if the matching symbol does not appear on the Mythos card, the spawned monster simply remains on the gate. Or in the Sky, in case it was moved there by a previous Mythos.

In case it moves. Let's say this monster was just spawned, aka sitting on a gate waiting for a snack. It's symbol is on the Mythos card, so the monster moves. If there is an investigator in an adjacent street area, the monster moves there. If there is no investigator there, it moves to the Sky. Whenever it's symbol is shown again, he will land on the investigator in a street area with the lowest Sneak value. In case there are no investigators in street area, even if it's symbol is on the Mythos card, it will remain in the Sky.

If you evade a Flying monster, it will remain in the street area / location where you've evaded it until it dimensional symbol is shown again on a Mythos card. In this case, check again the adjacent streets (beware that for Flying monsters "adjacent" doesn't mean connected with an arrow, but simply "nearbye", so one space of distance from its actual position); if no investigators are there, move it to the Sky.

Apart from the rules about movement, Flying monsters behave the same way as all other monsters, so when they come down to attack you during Mythos you do not receive any damage, as if they were normal monsters entering your location. During your movement phase, you'll decide whether to enter combat with them, or evade them, following the normal combat rules

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