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squad mode confusion!

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 Eibenschrenk posted this up on the "Rules Questions" section of the forum.


I asked Ross about this and he clarified it.

Here is what I asked and what he answered:

>My questions are as follows:

> 1. Which abilities can be chosen and used in squad mode?
> As I understand it, this would sum up to: The leader's specialty
> restricts the Oath, the Oath restricts the available codex patterns.
> The leader's chapter determines the chapter specific abilities
> which may be triggered and only benefit Marines from the same
> chapter unless the leader has Tactical Expertise.

Any member of the Kill-team can initiate a Squad Mode ability; it does
not have to be the leader (thus, Tactical Expertise is a benefit even
if the Tactical Marine is not the leader). Otherwise your statement
above is essentially correct.

> 2. How often do you have to pay for squad abilities? It is written
> that you have to pay only once during a mission (p. 219). What's
> the point of sustaining an ability then?

This is explained on page 219. If the power is sustained, the Kill-
team may use the ability at will for the duration of the mission. If
the power is not sustained, the Kill-team may use the ability at will
for the duration of a single combat. If you wish to use the Squad Mode
abilities in another mission (for sustained) or another combat (for
non-sustained), you need to pay the Cohesion cost again.

> 3. Can different abilities be sustained by different squad members
> at the same time?


> 4. The Action cost. If e.g. a Bolter Assault is a
> free action, does this mean you can charge and shoot as a free
> action in squad mode and then charge again as a full action with a
> melee weapon as part of your normal turn?
> Thanks a lot!



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