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    While its been too long since I did 40k fan art, some of it I think was my best-here are a few of those images.  I have begun to draw again so maybe more will be coming.



Space Marine's in the service of the inquisition. (I hid a Canadian flag in there somewhere happy.gif )



A corrupted Adeptus Sororitus.  Not so much "corrupted" but dellusional.  Her order is fixated upon the idea of recreating the Emperor via the manipulation of family lines (the Sensei) and have now been declared heretical.



Another Space Marine.  I need to get this full image scanned-he has the head of a Dark Eldar in hand.



Edit-  Fixed.  Now to get a mod to remove my other attempts/disguise my failure.

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I actually have a new peice about 65 percent done- a "chaos dreadnaught".  Started it 5 years ago and here I am finally going back to it.  Im hoping to have it scanned by next Friday :)

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