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What Organisation/Faction and why?

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So I've just started getting into Anima and pushing it at my local gaming club. There's been a lot of interest in the different Organisations but I was wondering what other people played and why. I've decided to start out with the Holy Empire and have picked up enough models for a decent 300 point team with the ability to chop and change a bit if I so choose. I currently have...

  • Yuri Olsen 
  • Lilian Virgil
  • Janus Faith
  • Daniella Meris
  • Samiel
  • Erika
  • Imperial Agent

I thinking of throwing another couple of models in to push the team up to 400 points. The sole reason that I went for the Holy Empire was the fact that I really liked the models. The only one that I wasn't keen on was Yuri but I wanted a leader for the team and I liked his rules. I've decided to add a few more models to my collection so I've been looking at Claire Adelheid, Iosara and maybe a couple of wanderers in the form of Kujaku Hime and Takanosuke. I've also been looking at the new Black Sun Organisation as well.

At a club level we now seem to have two people interested in Wissenschaft, one in the Azur Alliance, one in the Church and one in Samael which seems to bring nicely balanced. On top of this the guy collecting Sameal actually owns a local gaming store and is going to start stocking Anima (this is great news as he offers a 10% discount to the club! So what factions do other people collect and why? I'm mainly asking because I'm curently leading the drive to get other people interested and other points of view would be really helpful.



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My first organization choice was Samael. I wanted to make a sort of Chinese looking force with three dragons, Hime, Aoi, Yuki. Eventualy in short time my  force grew larger to the point where i had nearly all the minis from the Samael, church and Azur Alliance and Wanderers.


I reacently stopped playing smael due to the fact  that it is difficult to employ  non mystic tactics in samael (at least for now). My most favourite faction is the Azure because they give the flexibility and diverse tactical options that church and samael sometimes lacks.


My current team









In the future i really look forward to have the sisterhood of selene organisation force. Beacause female assassins are so badass.




In the right corner

Kagemaru with his son Takanosuke and his wife Kujaku hime backed up by momiji and other Free agent shinobis.


In the left corner

Arbiter Aizen supported by

Deadmoon and her bloody crew from the Lords of the Abyss

and Claude...a newbie pirate. (Arrr)


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I play a lot of miniatures games and i fell i love with art and models of Anima Tactics so i  ordered the book and the Dark Faction starter.

I like the Samael faction and i am sure i will end up with all the minis as soon as possible. . .and hopefully get a couple of games in.

Why i decided on Dark Faction: there is no retailer for Anima Tactics where i am from, so i called the local gaming shop to see if they could order me the fantastic rulebook which they could. I asked if they could also order me one of the starter sets, i did not mind which one - this ended up being Dark, which turns out there is a guy in my local area that has the Light boxed, so that worked out Aces!!


i should get the box/book in a couple of days and then i look forward to posting up pictures and getting some helpful hints

thank you

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